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Book Giveaway of the Month: Heaven

The Heaven giveaway is now closed. Check back on May 12 for the next giveaway.

HeavenI’ve been looking forward to featuring Heaven as this month’s book giveaway simply because of the many wonderful reader responses to the book we’ve received such as this recent one: 

On Valentine's Day 2007 my husband of 25 years died very unexpectedly on his 50th birthday. As you can imagine I was and still am devastated. His journey to our eternal home led me in search of a book so that I might study and become more knowledgeable about Heaven. At ...

Shut Up and Compete: Putting a Gag on Olympic Athletes

Beijing OlympicsI'll never forget hearing nearly seven years ago that China had been selected as the host country for the 2008 Olympics. Now the time has come.


Planned Parenthood's Self-Description, and Unwanted Children

Planned ParenthoodA friend of ours was recently job hunting and came across an advertised opening at Planned Parenthood. Though she wasn't interested in the job there, she was interested in the terminology used in Planned Parenthood's self-description that follows

Videos and Articles: True Beauty, Money, Adoption, Sexual Sin, and Ben Stein

A number of worthwhile videos and articles have come to my attention lately, so I wanted to pass them on. If one of them connects with you, maybe you could leave a comment recommending it to others.

Four Blessings from Above: The Joy of Grandchildren


It’s been a while since I showed pics of our grandchildren. Many of you have endured sleepless nights wondering when I was going to get back to them. Now you can relax and breathe again.

Longing for Joy in C. S. Lewis, Part 2

C. S. LewisIn Part 1 of Lewis and Longing, a few blogs ago, I quoted from his great sermon, later published as an essay, “The Weight of Glory: And Other Addresses.” There’s more in that essay I want to share.

Longing for Joy, in C. S. Lewis, Part 1

C. S. LewisNo writer has had greater impact on me than C. S. Lewis. I find both his fiction and nonfiction to be penetrating and life-shaping.

And when it comes to the subject of the longings of our heart, no one said it better than Lewis.


Three Book Giveaway of the Month: Heaven for Kids

The Heaven for Kids book giveaway is now closed. Please check back on April 7 for the next giveaway.

Heaven for KidsFrom Randy: Stephanie’s stepping in again with a new book giveaway. I loved reading all your comments last time. Glad we’re giving you the audio option this time. Personally, I love listening to books on my CD player. And nice to have them on my IPod when I’m flying somewhere. Kids are always listening to stuff, and it was fun imagining a group of them in front of me as I read the book in the recording studio ...

Planned Parenthood Accepts Funds to Abort Black Children

I've become aware of something that has to be heard to be believed: actual recordings of an actor calling various Planned Parenthood offices, pretending to want to donate money exclusively to abort black babies. Prepared to be blown away by the responses you hear. (After you listen you may want to read on to see how this fits with the history of Planned Parenthood and the beliefs of its founder Margaret Sanger.)

Longing for Happiness, in Blaise Pascal

Blaise PascalThe infinite abyss in our hearts, which might be called a vacuum, can only be filled by the infinite God Himself. We still have a trace of an ancient happiness that was in the hearts of Adam and Eve, a happiness which preceded sin and was ruined by it. But it was not utterly destroyed. Its mark is still upon us, and one day, when redemption is fully realized, God will fan it into flames again, never to be quenched.

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