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A Strategy for Sharing Gospel Literature

By Randy Alcorn | September 12, 2011
Our EPM office recently received this note, and I think it inadvertently suggests a strategy for reaching people with the gospel.

Zach Hunter on a Christian Ethic of Social Justice

By Randy Alcorn | September 5, 2011
I know Zach Hunter. I met him and had dinner with him and his mom after a showing of the movie Amazing Grace, that great movie on the life of the Christian parliamentarian William Wilberforce and his success in passing the laws to ban slavery in England.

Why is it so hard for the U.S. Government to pull a plug?

By Randy Alcorn | September 2, 2011
Here is a sad and bewildering commentary that captures in one example the utter inefficiency and sometimes craziness of a government that talks about controlling spending, but never seems to actually do it even when it would appear so easy—as in JUST PULL THE PLUG!

My Top Five Recommended Books on Heaven

By Randy Alcorn | August 31, 2011
When I was researching Heaven, I read 150 volumes on the subject, many long out-of-print. Since the book came out I’ve read a dozen more.

Worthy to Suffer

By Randy Alcorn | August 29, 2011
I wanted to share this touching story and picture from Open Doors, a ministry that EPM supports and recommends.

The Eternal Impact of an 8th Grader’s Kindness

By Kathy Norquist | August 26, 2011
I share this not just to give recognition to Randy, but as a reminder to us all that showing kindness to others can make a significant eternal difference in more than one person’s life.

Are Spiritual Disciplines Legalism?

By Randy Alcorn | August 24, 2011
When it comes to spiritual disciplines, some people think being committed to them is a matter of legalism.