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Safely Home the Musical Drama

By Randy Alcorn | January 4, 2013
Last year I received a letter and DVD from Darcy DeLeon, who teaches at Temple Christian School in Lima, Ohio. Darcy and her team turned my novel Safely Home into a musical drama.

The Master’s Touch: Paintings by Ron DiCianni

By Randy Alcorn | July 27, 2012
I first met artist Ron DiCianni many years ago at the Christian Bookseller’s Convention (now called ICRS). He has become a good friend over the years, and I thank God for a brother who uses his gifts well.

Some Positive Change in China?

By Randy Alcorn | April 5, 2010
Since writing my novel Safely Home, which is set in China and involves religious persecution, I’ve received innumerable confirmations of the persecution of Chinese Christians. 

An Olympic Sized Question: Do Christians in China Still Suffer Persecution?

By Randy Alcorn | August 15, 2008
The protests of China as host of the Olympics come from a wide variety of people from many countries, on a variety of issues, ranging from Tibet to supplying arms to the corrupt government of Sudan in its genocidal war on Darfur (see previous post), to religious liberty.

My Thoughts on the Beijing Olympics, and Darfur

By Randy Alcorn | August 11, 2008
Sadly, last week China revoked the visa for Joey Cheek, Olympic gold-medalist and co-founder of Team Darfur, a coalition of 400 athletes from around the world speaking out about the atrocities in Darfur, Sudan.