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Randy Alcorn's Blog: safely home

Meditating on God’s Word, a Verse at a Time: One Woman’s Hand-copied Bible

Handcopied BibleI wanted to share a recent message that came to me. A woman wrote:

Randy, here are pictures of my hand-copied Bible. This 9 plus year journey started when I read Safely Home. The main Chinese character’s mother hand copied the Bible. 

Randy’s novel Safely Home and Opening Our Eyes to the Reality of the Persecuted Church

Safely Home by Randy AlcornWhen Randy wrote Safely Home, no one knew how readers would respond—especially considering the topics of persecution and martyrdom that the novel deals with are anything but light and superficial. Randy’s goal, he explains, was to tell a compelling story which fueled the reader’s imagination, and also served the purpose of Proverbs 31:8-9, speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

A 6-minute video drama based on Safely Home

Safely Home DramaI was very moved by this video produced by Matthew Holbrook and the high school ministry of Grace Church of Orange. I came to Christ while in high school, and it’s very encouraging to see high schoolers focus their attention on following Christ wholeheartedly.


Safely Home the Musical Drama

Safely Home drama

Last year I received a letter and DVD from Darcy DeLeon, who teaches at Temple Christian School in Lima, Ohio. Darcy and her team turned my novel Safely Home into a musical drama, which was performed by the school’s students last March. A lot of effort went into producing it, and I really appreciate it!

The Master’s Touch: Paintings by Ron DiCianni

Before I Knew YouI first met artist Ron DiCianni many years ago at the Christian Bookseller’s Convention (now called ICRS). He has become a good friend over the years, and I thank God for a brother who uses his gifts well.

Recently Ron completed a new painting titled Before I Formed You in the Womb…, inspired by Jeremiah 1:5.

An exchange between Ben Fielding and Li Quan about God and the problem of evil

Safely HomeOn February 28, I will be interacting for three hours with a Torrey Honors Institute class at BIOLA University. We’ll be discussing my novel Safely Home, which the students will have read.

Some Positive Change in China?

bound handsSince writing my novel Safely Home, which is set in China and involves religious persecution, I’ve received innumerable confirmations of the persecution of Chinese Christians. Those who live in China now and know the country from the inside know that persecution, in some places, is very severe, while in other places it is mild or almost nonexistent.


An Olympic Sized Question: Do Christians in China Still Suffer Persecution?

China OlympicsThe protests of China as host of the Olympics come from a wide variety of people from many countries, on a variety of issues, ranging from Tibet to supplying arms to the corrupt government of Sudan in its genocidal war on Darfur (see previous post), to religious liberty.


My Thoughts on the Beijing Olympics, and Darfur

Joey CheekI love the Olympics. Nanci and I were jumping and screaming yesterday when our American guys came from behind to win the 4 x 100 freestyle relay. An amazing race. Wow!

Sadly, last week China revoked the visa for Joey Cheek, Olympic gold-medalist and co-founder of Team Darfur, a coalition of 400 athletes from around the world speaking out about the atrocities in Darfur, Sudan.

What are the Challenges and Payoffs of Writing?

writingI was asked recently about what the biggest payoffs and challenges in my writing are. One question was whether writer’s block is one of the difficulties.


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