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Do We Get a Second Chance after Death?

Do We Get a Second Chance after Death?

In this video, EPM’s Julia Stager talks about whether or not the Bible teaches that we get a second chance to believe in Jesus after death. This five minute video is well worth watching and sharing.

Christian Universalism

We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. 2 Corinthians 5:20There’s a movement among Christians today towards what’s called Christian Universalism. It’s a belief that everybody ultimately will be saved—there will be no Hell, or at some point Hell will be depopulated and everyone will live forever with Christ in Heaven. It’s a wonderful thought. But does the Bible really teach it?

Thoughts about John Lennon, his Death, and the Ray Comfort video Genius

John LennonDecember 8 is the anniversary of John Lennon’s death. He died 32 years ago. I’m going to end by linking you to a fascinating new video that talks about John Lennon and much more. But first, some thoughts about him.


How You View a Parachute Makes All the Difference in Whether You’re Grateful for It

ParachuteRay Comfort tells a memorable story that illustrates the difference between trusting Christ to make this life more pleasant, and trusting Him to deliver us from Hell so that we can enjoy Heaven with him forever.

Universalism: Will Everyone Go to Heaven?

Proverbs 9:10Universalism: the belief that everyone will eventually go to Heaven.

The logic behind it goes something like this:

  • God loves everyone and desires all to be saved.
  • Nothing can suppress the love or will of God.
  • Therefore all will be saved.

"You Are in Danger": Mark Driscoll Preaches on Hell

Mark DriscollIn this powerful nine-minute video, Pastor Mark Driscoll answers the question about whether those who die without faith in Christ go to hell.

A Strategy for Sharing Gospel Literature

If God Is Good bookletsOur EPM office recently received this note, and I think it inadvertently suggests a strategy for reaching people with the gospel.

How do I minister to an unsaved friend whose loved one died without a relationship with Christ?

Unsaved friendIn today’s blog, I’m answering one final question that was asked by a reader:

How would you respond and minister to unsaved friends or family (or even strangers) who have lost a loved one and assume their lost loved one is in Heaven, even though that person clearly did not have a relationship with Jesus Christ?

How can you have assurance of your own salvation?

assurance of salvationAnother question a reader asked me on my blog was this: Even though I gave my heart to the Lord a long time ago, I always struggle with thoughts that when I die, I will find I am not saved. That produces a lot of fear. I know the Bible says to believe, but how do you know what is really in your heart, since only God can see and know what is in our hearts?

Everyone We See Has a Story

Click-fila-ACheck out this video produced by a company I really respect, Chick-fil-A. I think it’s very moving. It reminds me of the divine appointments God gives us daily. It also encourages me to pray, even if briefly, for many people I see in passing and do not know.

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