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Randy Alcorn's Blog: scripture

Nourishment for the Soul

Ken and Joni TadaJoni Eareckson Tada announced this week that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. (Read her blog post, written in her typically Christ-centered way.) 

Over the years Joni has become a dear friend to Nanci and me, and we also deeply appreciate her husband Ken. I interviewed Joni and quote from her often in If God is Good, and she is one of the people I dedicated the book to. (She is the founder and CEO of Joni and Friends, a wonderful ministry to the disabled. Check them out at www.joniandfriends.org. JAF is a ministry worthy of support, an investment in eternity.)

Caring for the Needy: What God Says

African childThis year nine million children younger than five will die needlessly, more than half from hunger-related causes. 25,000 per day. Over 1,000 each hour. These children are as precious as our own children and grandchildren. What would we want others to do for them if they were in this dire situation?

What Bible version do you use?

BibleI actually use a number of translations, including the English Standard Version (ESV). I also use the New International Version (NIV) and in the past I’ve used the New American Standard Version.

Logos Scholar’s Library, and a 20% Discount at Logos.com

LogosI love the Logos Scholar’s Library. It’s been great for years, and it’s improving  all the time. It’s easy to use, and all the better if you get some training, watch the instructional videos, and take the time to try out features.

The Word of God Entering a Tribe’s Language in 2010

ScriptureMy friend Tim Challies recently placed a ten minute video on his blog, documenting what happened earlier in 2010: the receiving of the completed translated New Testament by the Kimyal Tribe in Papua, Indonesia.

Living Life or Documenting Insignificance?

ComicI saw this comic and it reminded me of the pride and presumption of imagining that swallowing toothpaste while brushing your teeth or being stuck in traffic is of compelling enough importance to others to interrupt their lives by telling them RIGHT NOW!

God’s Word as our Primary Influence

BibleI’m often asked why I include so many Bible verses in my books, and if I really believe it is necessary to do so. I quote Scripture frequently because God promises that his Word “will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it” (Isaiah 55:11).

Recommended Books on the Authority and Reliability of Scripture

Can I Trust the Bible?Recently someone asked if I could recommend any good, readable (not too academic) books that deal with the authority and reliability of Scripture. I thought I’d share my recommendations, picking up on the “readable, not too academic” aspect.

Investing Time in Reading God’s Word

BibleRevive Our Hearts, a great ministry that my daughters and a number of our ministry staff have benefited from, recently posted a link on Facebook to this two-minute video about finding time to read your Bible.

Evaluating Movies in Light of Scripture

Movie theaterOn my Facebook page, someone asked: "Randy, you often mention that you and Nanci have been to a movie. I'm curious about what kind and rating of movies you attend. I'm interested in how you regard the type of movie (violence, sexual overtones, etc.). Should Christians knowingly attend such films? This of course also applies to TV programs."

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