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Randy Alcorn's Blog: street children

The Least of These: Street Children

ChildrenToday we’re launching a new blog series (every few weeks we’ll share a post) that addresses social justice issues that affect the most vulnerable people in the world today. Each blog will focus on a specific, often overlooked, people group in need both physically and spiritually.

Children in Crisis Worldwide

Ugandan girlEarlier this year, my friend Doug Nichols, founder and director of ACTION International Ministries, a great missions organization, sent these humbling statistics about needy children worldwide. As you and I pray and consider what to do with our lives and resources, I hope God will use these facts to touch our hearts.

I Wish I Could Be a Brother Like That

boyThis story was sent by my friend Doug Nichols, founder and director of Action International. It is a powerful reminder that the first and second greatest commands are inseparable: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart...love your neighbor as yourself."

Orphanages Can Be Used Greatly by God

My friend Doug Nichols, founder and international director emeritus of ACTION International Ministries, wrote this article about the importance of orphanages, and why we can't just leave street children on the street. He writes:

It is very discouraging to read articles which are basically negative in regards to caring for orphans and street children in orphanages. Of course, a loving home is better than an orphanage, but does that mean we should give up on orphanages altogether? We do realize that there are some unacceptable orphanages in the world, but creating more loving, God-centered orphanages could bring glory to ...

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