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Randy Alcorn's Blog: suffering

His Strength and Grace in Our Weakness

Man at the Ocean / His Strength and Grace in WeaknessAs a young pastor I loved God sincerely; but like my tavern-owner father, I was independent, self-sufficient, and prone to do things on my own. Christ’s words, “Apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15:5), rang true—but I did a lot of things without drawing on his strength.

Horrors in Sudan: An Urgent Plea for Prayer from Make Way Partners

OrphanHere at EPM, one of the ministries we have the privilege of supporting is Make Way Partners. Through the hope of the gospel, MWP goes to the most vulnerable and least protected to end human trafficking and sexual slavery.

How Great Evil Confirms the Biblical Teaching about Demons

PrayI can mourn with and pray for the families in Connecticut who lost their children (and in a few cases their spouses) in the school shooting. I certainly cannot offer any definitive explanation. I am dedicating this week’s three blogs to perspectives that may be helpful to some.

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