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Randy Alcorn's Blog: video

When the Dog Stays at Home Alone...

Our dear friend Diane Meyer, always alert to dog videos, passed this one on to us, and we enjoyed it. Also for cat lovers, though the cat has only one action scene.

The Seed Company: Reaching 1,000 Languages with God’s Word

The Seed CompanyThe Seed Company is one of the best Bible translation organizations, and the one most heavily supported by EPM. This year, they’re celebrating the beginning of their 1,000th language translation. Cumulatively these translations have helped to bring God’s Word to more than a billion people! 

Dogs, Human Ingenuity and Delight in God

Maggie GraceOur Golden Retriever Maggie got a kick out of this video, and so did we. Makes you smile, and I believe it makes God smile. It’s a little tribute to human ingenuity, as God’s image-bearers, and to canine adorability, both reflecting the creativity and beauty of God. 

Books as Seeds: The Power of Giving Away Literature

Giving away books and bookletsOne of the things I often do is give away books and booklets to people I meet. Wonderful things have happened over the years because of this simple act, and I’ve come to see books and literature as “seeds” we can sow to share the good news about Jesus. Not all of them will grow and bear fruit, but some of them will.

A video that celebrates people, dogs and laughter (and in doing so celebrates our Creator)

MaggieGod gives us greater and lesser reasons for laughter, but the lesser ones are a gift from Him also. Here is a video that works in any language—and that shares the delight in the universal language of laughter. Nanci and I loved it. I don’t think our Golden Retriever Maggie could quite pull this off, though she would love to be given the chance. 

Grandchildren, Grandparents, and Spiritual Heritage

Owen videoMy home church, Good Shepherd Community Church, recently showed this delightful video. In God’s providence we were seated behind Owen’s parents and grandparents when this was shown. Among other things, it demonstrates the power of a Christian heritage, and the potential spiritual influence of grandparents. 

How EPM Is Impacting Eternity, and How You Can Join Us

Randys books / EPM impacting eternityWe don’t share this kind of post very often, but every once in a while it seems appropriate to share a little more about Eternal Perspective Ministries, and the work we’re doing to make an eternal difference around the world for Christ. 

The Story of Jesus Through the Eyes of Children

The Story of Jesus for ChildrenGod has a special love for children and desires for children of all cultures and nationalities to come into a relationship with Him through Christ. What a privilege to share this Good News with them! That’s why I’m excited about “The Story of Jesus Through the Eyes of Children” DVD from my friends at the JESUS Film Project.

Are aborted children better off because they’ll go straight to Heaven?

Adult and child, with ultrasound photo of unborn childSuppose I saw a three-year-old little girl about to fall off a cliff. If I save the child’s life, she will likely grow older and may not come to faith in Christ. But if I let her die, she goes to Heaven. What should I do? (That’s how you make a moral quandary out of something that’s completely simple—you try to save the child’s life even if you have to risk your life to do it!)

This whole line of argumentation is repugnant on the face of it, isn’t it? I think it’s every bit as repugnant when used about unborn children as it is about children who are already born.

Randy’s book Money, Possessions and Eternity, and Sending Your Treasure on Ahead

Money, Possessions and EternityOriginally published in 1989 and updated in 2000, Randy’s book Money, Possessions, and Eternity tackles some difficult subjects and encourages readers to reconsider their perspectives on money and material possessions. 

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