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Seeking More Joy in Your Giving

By Randy Alcorn | June 17, 2016
“God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7). This doesn’t mean we should give only when we’re feeling cheerful. The cheerfulness often comes during and after the act of obedience, not before it.

Christ-Centered Generosity Isn’t Just for Older, Suburban White Americans

By Randy Alcorn | April 29, 2016
Sometimes the Generous Giving movement is seen as predominantly consisting of older suburban white Americans. In fact, it’s happening in other parts of the world, and within our own country it’s also happening among the young and those of every ethnicity, in the city as well as the suburbs.

God of the Beautiful

By Randy Alcorn | April 27, 2016
For the present, by God’s grace and kindness, people can reject God but still receive the benefits of His common grace, including the enjoyment of loving relationships, natural and artistic beauty, and pleasure. However, we live on borrowed time. We need to see creation as a revelation of God’s greatness and beauty, and turn to the great God and Savior, our Creator and Redeemer, before our lives here end.

Hardwired for Happiness: Part 1 of a 3-Session Conference

By Randy Alcorn | April 18, 2016
Recently I spoke on the topic of happiness at my home church, Good Shepherd Community Church, in a three-session conference. My hope is that individuals, pastors, and small groups would consider utilizing these videos for study and discussion, as they contain a large amount of Scripture related to happiness.

The Hope of Heaven: A Conversation with John Piper and Scott Swain

By Randy Alcorn | March 28, 2016
The major Christian creeds state, “I believe in the resurrection of the body.” But I’ve found in many conversations that Christians tend to spiritualize the resurrection of the dead, effectively denying it. Our incorrect thinking about bodily resurrection stems from our failure to understand the environment in which resurrected people will live—the New Earth.