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Randy Alcorn's Blog: Writing

Why I Write Fiction, and Creativity in Writing

ReadingFor a long time Christians were reticent to enter the field of fiction writing. Although fiction had been popular in the secular field for a long time, it was sparse in Christian publishing. The popularity of authors Frank Peretti and then later Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins certainly opened up the door much wider for acceptance of Christian fiction.

Writing as Ministry First, Vocation Second

WritingYesterday I made my February 1 deadline for the Courageous novel. I sent it off 11:56 p.m. Pacific time—hated to waste 4 minutes, but I needed a margin in case it got stuck in my outbox and I had to reboot. :)

Many thanks to all of you who prayed. There’s still much editing to come, but I’m grateful for God's grace and kindness in an exhausting project that has consumed the last four months.

Tips on Writing from C.S. Lewis

C.S. LewisFor the past few days, I was at a cabin at the Oregon coast to do some extensive, uninterrupted writing on the Courageous novel. Related to writing, my friend Justin Taylor posted this a few months ago on his excellent blog. Loving Lewis as I do, I've heard it before, but part of it not for years.

C.S. Lewis's Influence on My Life and Writing, part 2

In my last blog, I wrote about one of my three pilgrimages to Oxford. (I also shared that I'll be attending and speaking at the C.S. Lewis Foundation's 2010 Southwest Regional Retreat & Writer's Workshop, October 28-31. See the PDF download for more information.) Each visit I’ve pondered what Lewis wrote: “You must picture me alone in that room in Magdalen…I gave in and admitted that God was God, and knelt and prayed: perhaps that night, the most dejected and reluctant convert in all of England.”

C. S. Lewis’s Influence on my Life and Writing, part 1

C.S. LewisThose who have read my books know that all of them have been touched in one way or another by C.S. Lewis, because ultimately the books we write are the overflow of the books we’ve read. I look forward to meeting Jack Lewis, and exploring the New Earth, where there will be time for us all to walk and talk, with new friends who are also old friends, in the joyful presence of King Jesus.

Christian Book Expo, and "Stunned by J. I. Packer"

Tullian and Harris boysSunday night Nanci and I returned from the Christian Book Expo in Dallas where I did a number of book signings, and was involved in three upfront presentations/panels. One was with Alex and Brett Harris, authors of Do Hard Things who have the great site www.therebelution.com, and Tullian Tchividjian, the new pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian (where D. James Kennedy was for many years). Three great guys. Really enjoyed our time together.

ICRS Christian Booksellers Convention 2008


Every July I leave Oregon at one of its most beautiful times of the year, to spend a week of my life in a very hot place, such as Atlanta, or this year, Orlando.

I'm glad to do it, just wish it was in January!

What are the Challenges and Payoffs of Writing?

writingI was asked recently about what the biggest payoffs and challenges in my writing are. One question was whether writer’s block is one of the difficulties.


Further Thoughts on Harry Potter

Harry PotterThere were some interesting comments and very good questions raised regarding my last week’s blog on Harry Potter. I wish I had time to address these, and hope to do so later.


More on the International Christian Retail Show

Though I normally post on Tuesdays, I threw in an extra blog on Saturday, related to some filming we did in the Columbia Gorge last Thursday and Friday. God did some special things those days, and you might be interested in checking out the previous blog since many of you could easily miss it.

I have really enjoyed reading your comments on these first eight blogs. They’ve been very interesting and encouraging at a time where, frankly, I have needed it. God is faithful, and I have enjoyed some very rich and warm times even on some days that ...

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