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Testimony of Darrell Scott

The death of my wonderful daughter, Rachel Joy Scott, and the deaths of that heroic teacher and the other children who died must not be in vain. Their blood cries out for answers.

Bible and Psychology

Many conservative Protestants do not see the sufficiency of Scripture for the cure of souls. Typically, "spiritual" matters are split off from "psychological, emotional, relational" matters.

Hate Crime Statement

In November ‘98 (during its 50th annual meeting in Orlando) the Evangelical Theological Society passed a resolution on homosexual conduct, “hate crime,” and truthfulness in the secular media with respect to reporting on evangelicals. 

Green Bay Packer Chapel: Deuteronomy 17

Fame puts us in the power position, a position of influence where people will listen to us and follow us. But fame also sets us up for failure. God gives 3 specific warnings of what the King, the most famous and powerful person in the nation, should not do.

Truth and Grace in an Age of Lies

Read Acts 2 and Acts 4 and you see a radical difference in the church, a profound transformation in the way people treated each other. Christians were different in the way they behaved, in the way they lived. They were characterized by visible acts of love and generosity and joyous sacrifice for the good of others.

Whose Constitution Is It?

The Supreme Court building, with its white marble pillars, towers above the street across from the U. S. Capitol (as though these two branches of government were staring each other down, the better to maintain an even balance of power).

Who qualifies to be called human?

Folks back then said it all started when I moved away from my parents at eighteen. They said I was young and stupid, and was pushed into crazy beliefs because I had no one to guide me. 

Self-Esteem: Who Are We, Really?

God does not inflict upon us the psychological battering of the cross in order to leave us in a tormented condition. It is at the cross where we are offered through the gospel the very righteousness of Jesus Christ.

Caste the First Stone

Life in the lower castes: Persecution of Christians in India, a pastor notes, has become common.