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Focus On The Family Gets Slandered

“Frankly, we have had enough,” said spokesmen for Focus on the Family. At issue, they say, are unsubstantiated but widely circulated rumors that the group requested from Colorado Springs public school officials the names of single teachers without dependents.

Forced Prison Labor in China

Chinese and Tibetan dissidents are either locked up in prison, forced into hiding, or silenced by fear of police retaliation against their families.

Returning to the True God

Saturday morning Ben and Quan worked repairing the chicken coop. It was unseasonably warm for early November.

17 Countries Where Christians Are Persecuted

I've edited this based on information from The Bible League, Operation World and other sources. It's intended to help us pray more intelligently for our brothers and sisters.

Safely Home: Chapter 1

Three men watched intently as peculiar events occurred, one right after the other, on opposite sides of the globe. "What's happening?" asked the first, tall and dark skinned.