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上帝能够宽恕堕胎行为吗?(Can God Forgive Abortions?)

你如果是一个曾经接受堕胎的女性,或曾经劝告另一位接受堕胎,这一篇文章是为你而写的。你如果是一位曾经牵涉在一个堕胎抉择当中的男性 - 不管这关乎的是你的女朋友、妻子、女儿,或任何人,这也是为你而写的。

Why Abortion Isn’t Just a Political Issue: the Profound Significance of Oregon’s New Law Mandating Taxpayer Funded Elective Abortions

Sadly, my home state of Oregon, which I love in so many ways, legalized abortion four years before Roe v. Wade, and we were the first state, in fact the first principality in the world to legalize physician assisted suicide. As if this weren’t enough for Oregon to be famous for, last month, Governor Kate Brown signed House Bill 3391, making Oregon the only state in the U.S. without any laws that restrict or limit abortion, and one of only a handful of states that chooses to use taxpayer money to pay for elective abortions. 

Deus Pode Perdoar Abortos? (Can God Forgive Abortions?)

Se você já fez um aborto ou aconselhou outra mulher a fazê-lo, este capítulo é para você. Se você é um homem que participou de uma decisão de abortar, quer se trate de sua namorada, esposa, filha ou qualquer outra pessoa, também é para você.

Language as a Tool of Persuasion: Critical Discourse Analysis of Pro-choice and Pro-life News Articles

Randy Alcorn was sent this research paper by Naila Bairamova Mitchell, a student at Portland State University in Portland, OR. We felt it was a balanced paper showing how language is used in persuasion in the abortion debate. It was also brave of Naila to choose abortion as the subject in a very liberal university and in a very liberal state.
Abstract Language is a powerful tool that can be used to persuade and agitate. This article will be looking at the issue of abortion. Headlines from both pro-choice and pro-life news sources will be analyzed along with two contrasting ...

Why Every Prolife Church in Oregon Should Support the Petition to Stop Taxpayer Funding for Abortion

There’s no sense in which the killing of children is a marginal issue that Scripture is indifferent to! Long before it was ever a political issue, it was a moral issue, and one which God has a clear and emphatic position on. We’re not dealing here with “one more social/political issue.” We’re dealing with a unique and focused evil in which Satan has deeply vested interests.