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Birth Control Pill: Abortifacient and Contraceptive

November 2, 1999 has become glaringly apparent that now is the time for us, as an organization, to sail into the dangerous and uncharted waters that we have, perhaps intentionally, avoided.  These are the “waters” of prolife principles as they relate to fertility control.

PERSONally Opposed

June 1, 1999
The following article is excerpted from Ron's presentation at colleges that presents a moral perspective on the beginning of life geared toward a secular audience.

At the Gap

March 24, 1999
"Let's go see the gap!" My friend, Bob, is a dentist but I was fairly certain he wasn't talking about dental work.

54 Babies

March 3, 1999
Where Route 71 crosses over Payton Drive, at the bottom of the steeply sloping embankment, two boys, who were playing nearby, found the boxes. The boys bicycled home and said they had found boxes of “babies.”

The Great Debate

February 1, 1998
Ron was introduced first and had 15 minutes to present his prolife position.

Who qualifies to be called human?

December 1, 1997
Folks back then said it all started when I moved away from my parents at eighteen. They said I was young and stupid, and was pushed into crazy beliefs because I had no one to guide me.