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An Eternal Perspective: An Interview with Tabletalk Magazine

Tabletalk MagazineTabletalk: How did you become a Christian, and how did you receive the call to ministry?

Randy Alcorn: I grew up without Christ and without the church. When I was in high school, I attended a church to see a girl I’d met. But God can use even our wrong motives for his right purposes.

What authors do you like to read? (audio)

Randy talks about some authors he likes to read and listen to on audio books, speaking to a group of CEO's (both secular and Christian).

What is your usual work and exercise routine? (audio)

Randy talks about his usual work and exercise routine, speaking to a group of CEO's (both secular and Christian).

What new projects are you working on? (audio)

In this audio Q&A, Randy answers the question "What new projects are you working on?"

Books (video)

Randy Alcorn talks about the role of books in his life.

Dogs (video)

Randy Alcorn discusses the role dogs have played in his life.

My Journey as a Christian Writer

In 1970, when I was sixteen and a new Christian, friends invited me to an evening class on the Gospel of John taught by John G. Mitchell, one of Multnomah School of the Bible’s founders. I became hooked on Bible study and knew my future was at Multnomah.

I completed my bachelor’s work in 1975, married my favorite Multnomah student, Nanci, and soon entered the school’s new master’s program. One of my favorite theology professors, Dr. Joseph Wong, scratched on a term paper: “You should consider being a writer.” I took it to heart. (And have ...

Randy, what’s one thing people may not know about you?

Okay, let’s go with this: in 1985, I was diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes. God has used this disease powerfully in my life.

Books on Preaching, Managing Time, and Sports Nanci and I Watch: Part 2 of a Q&A

The Tyranny of the UrgentIn Charles Hummel’s booklet Tyranny of the Urgent, which I read as a young Christian thirty-five years ago, he said that what is urgent is often not important, and what is important is typically not urgent.

Devotional Habits, Books I’m Reading, and the Best Constructive Criticism I’ve Ever Received: Part 1 of a Q&A

BibleMy normal approach to Bible study is to pore over texts that relate to something on my mind and heart. Sometimes this has been prompted by my research on current book projects.


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