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What’s your stand on biblical separation and ecumenism?

Ecumenism is a term that must first be defined to be discussed. It has many modern nuances. The dictionary says that ecumenism is “the principles or practice of promoting cooperation or better understanding among differing religious faiths.” This has been extended to include more of a “unifying” meaning. The media has proposed that “the three great religions all worship the same god.” Even beyond this somewhat plausible concept–on the surface–is the suggestion that “there are many ways to God and all religions end there.” Let us look at several different dimensions of modern ecumenism.

Be Where The Provision Is

Get near to God if you want to enjoy what He has prepared for you. Live in simple, loving fellowship with Him if you desire to drink in His fullness.

Being Careful With Our Words

Gossip and misinformation flow unceasingly in the Christian community. One day, in Heaven, they will be burned to ashes by the consuming holiness of God.

Giving Stories

The Treasure PrincipleI am a successful attorney in the Grand Rapids, MI area. My wife Renae and I have been faithful tithers all of our lives. The Lord has tremendously blessed us financially on every side. We have always given God the glory for his blessings on us. But it seemed to me that something was missing.

Giving with Eternity in Mind

We’ll each part with our money. The only question is when.

God Said …

If your life was perfect, then what would you need Me for?

God’s Answer

Sometimes we need to be reminded:
To God only be all glory and praise!
For all the negative things we have to say to ourselves, God has a positive answer for them.

God’s Jewels

I desire, I want to be a jewel that does not cringe if God chooses to give my soul a hard scrubbing every now and then.

God’s Plan in a TB Sanitarium

While serving with Operation Mobilization in India in 1967, tuberculosis forced me into a sanitarium for several months. I did not yet speak the language, but I tried to give Christian literature written in their language to the patients, doctors and nurses. Everyone refused; some politely, some rudely.

Gambling: Odds Are, You Lose

moneyPresented at Good Shepherd Community Church by Barry Arnold

If you had the option of participating in an activity that would incontrovertibly and directly contribute to increased crime; thefts, robberies, embezzlement, bankruptcies, child abuse, domestic violence, and suicide, would you go ahead and participate in that activity?

If there was a possibility that the entertainment you chose today, could, 15 years from now, destroy your daughter’s marriage, contribute to her conviction for writing bad checks, if your entertainment might result in your son’s incarceration for embezzlement, or lead him to abandon his children, would you go ahead and ...

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