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Steadily Following Christ

Oh that Christians, the very best of them, were not so slack in following! Some stop to trifle with the perishable things of earth. Some stop to pick up the gaudy, scentless flowers by the wayside. Some stop to sleep, forgetting this is not our rest, it is enchanted ground.

The Local Church: Training You for Ministry

It is God’s will that you be active in life-long ministry, in your church. You are called to edify, build up and encourage a local body of believers by utilizing your own unique giftings by the power of the Spirit. How are you to be equipped for this ministry? Through the ministry of the local church itself.

Choosing Our Relationships Wisely

In this interview with former NFL coach Joe Gibbs, Randy Alcorn talks about the importance of investing in what matters in life along with people who have a common vision.