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I would like to help provide Bibles for China. What organizations do you recommend?

June 7, 2011
Bibles for China Bible League PO Box 28000 
Chicago, IL 60628 
866-825-4636 Multiplication Network Open Doors with Brother Andrew
Open Doors USA 
P O Box 27001 
Santa Ana, CA 92799 
949-752-6600 Voice of the Martyrs
P O Box 443 
Bartlesville, OK 74003 

How can I get one of Randy Alcorn’s books translated into a foreign language?

June 6, 2011
Randy is always in favor of having his books translated into other languages. However, we don’t own the rights to most his books so the permission must be granted from the publisher. You may contact the publisher to let them know of your interest. Go to our Books in Other Languages page for a listing of Randy Alcorn’s books that have been translated into other languages. You can also view a listing by book title. Several of the Spanish titles are available through our online store. Additionally, limited quantities of some of the other translations are available for ...

How do I download a video from the EPM site?

October 29, 2010
Videos of Randy speaking on a variety of subjects are available on our website. To download a video, click on the title within the frame of the video. This will take you to the video’s permanent page on Scroll down to the bottom right hand corner of the page, under “About this video,” and RIGHT click on “Download this video.” Select “Save link/target as.” Please note there is no requirement to make an account with Vimeo in order to download a video.