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My Friend Greg Coffey, One of the First Faces I’ll Look for in Heaven

Greg CoffeyIn The Goodness of God, I tell the story about my high school friend Greg Coffey, who died in a horrible accident in 1971, shortly after he and I both became Christ-followers. Though Greg was two years ahead of me in school, we were in a Spanish class together and got to know each other. He came to Christ his senior year, seven months after I did as a sophomore. Greg and I were both utterly transformed, and we enjoyed radical “first love” discussions of what it meant to follow Jesus. Our whole lives were before us and we dreamed great dreams of serving our King.

The Eternal Impact of an 8th Grader’s Kindness

By Kathy Norquist, Randy's executive assistant

Handing a giftTerry Harris gave me permission to share her story about Randy and I’m doing so, without his knowledge or permission . :) I share it not just to give recognition to Randy, but as a reminder to us all that showing kindness to others can make a significant eternal difference in more than one person’s life.

Happy 98th Birthday to My Second Grade Teacher

Randy Alcorn's 2nd Grade ClassI want to wish a very special 98th birthday to my second grade teacher, Meredith Johnson, born August 8, 1913.

My Friend Ron Carlson Goes Home to Jesus

Ron CarlsonRon Carlson, our dear friend and fellow worker in the gospel of Christ, and the founder of Christian Ministries International, went home to be with our Lord last week. Our hearts go out to his wife Marge and his sons Jared and Jason.

Novelist and Christ-Follower Stephen Bly Travels Home

Stephen BlyStephen Bly, a true cowboy, a gentleman, and an award-winning writer of westerns, went Home to his Lord Jesus at age 66 on Thursday, June 9, after a five year battle with cancer.

Gifts in a Fallen World: An Email from Sono Harris

Gifts in a Fallen World: An Email from Sono Harris

Several people have asked me for copies of an email from Sono Harris that I read at her memorial service. Thought I should share it with more of you. No need to have known Sono in order to appreciate her words and her quotes from Thomas Brooks and John Newton.

Sono Sato Harris: Precious beyond Words

Sono Sato Harris: Precious beyond Words

Last night, on Independence Day, our dear friend Sono Harris went home to be with Jesus. She is a precious and faithful sister, one of a kind, and all the more precious now as her faith has become sight.

5 Years Ago, and 35 Years Ago

5 Years Ago, and 35 Years Ago

Thirty-five years ago was also the wedding of my best friend Jerry Hardin, who's now with Jesus. That's me on the right. (Jerry's the skinny one.)

Relationships in Heaven?

Relationships in Heaven?

Genesis 2:18: The Lord God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him."

Who Are You Roped To For The Climb?

Who Are You Roped To For The Climb?

This is Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay of Nepal, the first two men to climb to the peak of Mount Everest.

Tenzing Norgay, in his autobiography titled Tiger of the Snows, writes about the experience of climbing Kang Peak in the Himalayas with a man named George Frey, on a 1952 Swiss expedition.

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