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Why don’t you give money to individual missionaries?

Randy talks about why he doesn't give money to individual missionaries, speaking to a group of CEO's (both secular and Christian).

How the Word of God Sets Prisoners Free

freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners (Isaiah 61:1)I especially loved the video included in this blog because EPM has a heart for seeing prisoners come to Christ and grow in their faith. By God’s grace we are now sending out an average of 679 books each month to inmates and chapel libraries. (EPM staff member Sharon Misenhimer sends ministry information and/or books to over 300 prisoners each month. It’s a busy job!)

What have you learned from seeing both the giving and receiving sides of missions?

Randy talks about his dual perspective of giving to missions and also EPM being the receiver of gifts to missions, speaking to a group of CEO's (both secular and Christian).

How can we know where to give strategically to missions?

Randy talks about giving strategically with discernment to missions, speaking to a group of CEO's (both secular and Christian).

How can I be a missionary without leaving the country?

Randy talks about ways to be a 'missionary' without leaving the country you live in, speaking to a group of Physicians (both secular and Christian) on giving.

How to Fight Modern-Day Slavery

5 Ways You Can Fight Modern-Day Slavery

The problem of human slavery, with at least 30 million known victims in the world today, is a staggering one. There are many organizations and people around the world who are dedicated to fighting this injustice, and this is good. However, you may not be aware of the ways that you personally can help contribute to this fight.

Peace Child Revisited, 50 Years After First Contact

Peace ChildMany years ago I read Peace Child by Don Richardson. This great missions story had a strong impact on my life, demonstrating the power of the gospel in a primitive culture.

Why EPM Supports the International Justice Mission: an African Family’s Story

Joseph, an innocent father: a story from the International Justice Mission

I watched this video and was deeply touched by the happy outcome, and you will be too. It captures why we support the International Justice Mission.

The Least of These: Abused Women

Close upWe must remember that it’s not only women in faraway parts of the world who are affected by abuse, and especially domestic abuse. It’s the woman next door; the woman out jogging; the woman you see at the supermarket, the department store, and even at church.

Logos Hope: A Great International Opportunity for Short-term Service

Logos Hope

My friend George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilization (OM), recently shared about his visit to Logos Hope, a ship owned and operated by OM Ships. Logos Hope travels to ports around the world, acting as a floating bookshop.

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