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Peace Child Revisited, 50 Years After First Contact

Peace ChildMany years ago I read Peace Child by Don Richardson. This great missions story had a strong impact on my life, demonstrating the power of the gospel in a primitive culture.

Why EPM Supports the International Justice Mission: an African Family’s Story

Joseph, an innocent father: a story from the International Justice Mission

I watched this video and was deeply touched by the happy outcome, and you will be too. It captures why we support the International Justice Mission.

The Least of These: Abused Women

Close upWe must remember that it’s not only women in faraway parts of the world who are affected by abuse, and especially domestic abuse. It’s the woman next door; the woman out jogging; the woman you see at the supermarket, the department store, and even at church.

Logos Hope: A Great International Opportunity for Short-term Service

Logos Hope

My friend George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilization (OM), recently shared about his visit to Logos Hope, a ship owned and operated by OM Ships. Logos Hope travels to ports around the world, acting as a floating bookshop.

Steve Saint, Mincaye, and the Redemptive Power of the Gospel

Mincaye and Steve SaintIn a post last June, I shared a video about Steve Saint, son of one of the five missionaries who were murdered in Ecuador in 1956. Steve, who is founder of ITEC (Indigenous People's Technology and Education Center) was seriously injured while testing a design for ITEC.

The Least of These: Those without Clean Water and Sanitation

Girl drinkingIn today’s blog we ask the question again: how can we as Christians help the most vulnerable people in the world? (See my previous blogs in the series we’re calling The Least of These.) This post focuses on those who lack access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation.


A Child’s Life-Saving Heart Surgery

ChangpiOne of the ministries EPM supports is Action International. Devendra and Koko Rai work with Action in India, and in November, Devendra sent out a prayer request for the daughter of an Indian pastor.  Changpi (who turned 7 on December 8) was diagnosed with a hole in her heart that created complications in her liver.


Now, THAT’S what I call a Kingdom-Impacting App!

Jesus Film MediaRecently I met with my long time friend and former director of The Jesus Film Project, Jim Green. He suggested I download the new Jesus Film app on my smartphone. I did and when he showed me what it offers, in over 1,100 languages, I was astounded.


The Least of These: Helping Those Suffering from HIV/AIDS

CompassionHow can we as Christians help the most vulnerable people in the world today? It’s a question I’ve asked in previous blogs, and this is another one. Today’s post focuses on those who have contracted HIV/AIDS. According to the World Health Organization, HIV/AIDS is the world’s leading infectious killer, causing over 30 million deaths to date.


Negativism and Doctrinal Drift among Some in World Missions

Out of the Comfort ZoneGeorge Verwer, a man I dearly love and respect, and one of the great global missions leaders in church history as well as a champion for the unborn, has rewritten and updated a chapter from his book Out of the Comfort Zone. Here’s a portion from that chapter. Listen to our brother George, who has earned like few others the right to be heard in world missions. 

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