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Чому за життя? - Why ProLife? in Ukranian

Read Randy Alcorn’s complete book Why ProLife? in Ukranian.

¿Puede Dios perdonar el aborto?

Millones de mujeres y hombres, tanto en la sociedad y en la iglesia, están sufriendo bajo la culpa del aborto. Cerca de una de cada cinco mujeres que se somete a un aborto se identifica a sí misma como cristiana-evangélica*.Esto significa que cristianos realizan un cuarto de millón de abortos cada año. Muchos de los padres de estos niños son también parte de nuestras iglesias.

A Young Woman’s Spoken Word, Thanking Her Mother for Her Courageous Choice

Baby feetI recently received an email from a precious young woman named Mayra. She writes, “I was adopted from Mexico, and when I received Christ, He helped me understand my root of rebellion. I felt rejected all my life. But He provided a healing that was unexplainable."

What about same-sex married couples adopting?

First of all, as Christians we should be supporting and adopting needy children at home and abroad. We’re called to love our neighbor, and the most loving thing we can do for a child in need is placing them in a godly family where they will hear the gospel, grow in knowledge of God and His word, and experience unconditional love and support. (read more)

Five Years Later, a Story About a Super Bowl Blessing

Super Bowl BlessingSome of you will remember the 2010 Super Bowl commercial, produced by Focus on the Family and featuring a prolife message from Pam Tebow about her son, Tim. Five years later, we get a glimpse of how God has used that “controversial” commercial to His glory. 

A Discussion with Lecrae and John Piper on Hip Hop, Abortion, and Race

John Piper, Lecrae, and John EnsorJohn Ensor, president of Passion Life Ministries, recently sat down with Christian Hip Hop artist Lecrae and John Piper to discuss abortion and racism, as we mark Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (January 18) and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January 19).

He Was the Only One to Defend the Disabled

Killing an unborn child just because you have not held him in your arms and can’t hear his cry does not change his value or mitigate his loss when he is killed. - Randy AlcornGuest post from Kathy Norquist, Randy’s executive assistant.

My nephew, Tyler, is finishing up his college courses and was taking a biology class to complete some requirements. The topic of testing during pregnancy to see if your baby is healthy came up during class. The question was asked, “Would you abort your child if there was a medical problem?” 

Assure Pregnancy Clinic Banquet - October 24, 2015

Randy will be speaking at the Assure Pregnancy Clinic banquet on October 24, 2015, at 6:30pm. The banquet will be held at the Ontario Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, CA.

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