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The Need for Pro-lifers to Be Consistent When It Comes to Miscarriage

Lone baby shoe / skippytpe via photopin ccA friend who recently experienced a miscarriage shared this powerful blog post with me (it’s received over 1,100 comments, so obviously it resonated with many). I agree with the writer’s assertion that it does seem the prolife response to miscarriage lacks consistency.

Sharing the Truth about the Unborn with Your Friends and Neighbors

The Sanctity of Human Life

The article in today’s blog is a simple, straightforward and powerful model for what we as supporters of the right to life can say to friends and neighbors and fellow employees who are immersed in a prochoice worldview. 

Should We Be for Adoption or Against Abortion?

Abraham Lincoln said, “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” / For Adoption or Against Abortion?I appreciated this article by Michael Spielman, director of a great organization called Abort73. Michael hits on something very important—the fact that we do need to tell people the truth about abortion, saturated with grace and kindness and empathy. Abraham Lincoln said, “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” Silence becomes a form of consent, a quiet permission. Let’s not be cowards. Let’s stand up for truth; let’s reach out in compassion.

The Problem with the Term “Pro-Choice”

The Problem with the Term "Pro-Choice" / Thumbs up signI confess that I dislike the term pro-choice. As I explain in my book Why ProLife?, I use it only because it has become the dominant term used in our culture. But it is pro­foundly misleading. The term pro-choice tells us that someone thinks choice is okay. Well, of course. But what does that mean?

3 Practical Ways You Can Make a Pro-life Impact

1. Pray regularly for prolife ministries...
2. Give regular visibility to the issue of abortion... 
3. Spearhead a prolife ministry... 

Are aborted children better off because they’ll go straight to Heaven?

Adult and child, with ultrasound photo of unborn childSuppose I saw a three-year-old little girl about to fall off a cliff. If I save the child’s life, she will likely grow older and may not come to faith in Christ. But if I let her die, she goes to Heaven. What should I do? (That’s how you make a moral quandary out of something that’s completely simple—you try to save the child’s life even if you have to risk your life to do it!)

This whole line of argumentation is repugnant on the face of it, isn’t it? I think it’s every bit as repugnant when used about unborn children as it is about children who are already born.

What is your opinion of prolife organizations that show graphic pictures of aborted babies?

Abort 73If you see evil—like the killing of unborn children—then, by all means, recognize it to be evil, but don’t get mad at the people who took the pictures and are showing you the pictures. Get mad at the people who are doing the evil that is in the pictures.

The Uncomfortable Truth: the Humanity of the Unborn

UltrasoundPro-choice advocates once commonly stated, “It’s uncertain when human life begins; that’s a religious question that cannot be answered by science.” Most have abandoned this position because it’s contradicted by decades of scientific evidence. However, acknowledging the humanity of the unborn does require them to shift their language and tactics when defending abortion.

Biola University President Apologizes to Prolife Student and Takes a Stand

Biola UniversitySome of you are aware of the events at Biola University in May. A fourth year nursing school student, Diana Jimenez, became aware of the truth about abortion, and was so moved and convicted that she sensed God’s leading to publicly display photos of aborted babies on Biola’s campus.

The Duggar Family and Life United

Life UnitedI’ve shared before in a blog my appreciation for the Duggar family, featured on the TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting. One of their recent projects is being part of Life United (www.lifeunited.org), a prolife website dedicated to educating people with the reality of abortion in our generation, and encouraging them to do something about it.


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