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Fences Bring Freedom: How Boundaries Can Liberate Us

We live in the same house that we did when our daughters were small. Now they're grown and we have four grandsons. All those years our daughters were growing up, we never built a fence in our yard. There was no need.

Desperate To Be Free

I have been having an online affair with a woman I have never met. Will God forgive me?

Grateful Heart: An Antidote to Lust

Did you ever wonder why your struggles with lust seem to come in cycles? For some reason you seem to struggle mightily with lust for a number of days or weeks and then, for no apparent reason, the struggle subsides. You go through a relatively easy time, but then, almost inevitably the powerful temptations return and the struggles start all over again.

When I was acting out homosexually—before I was a Christian—I used to wonder about this. I remember wondering if it had something to do with the phases of the moon. At times it seemed that regular ...

Addiction Proofing: A Strategy for Spiritual Renewal

At any one time, 10% of our congregations are addicted (involved in damaging behaviors), 30% are compulsive (hearts preoccupied with pleasure), and all are eventually tempted.

Hey Kids! Want Good Sex? Try Abstinence.

teenAs a mental health counselor, I am really troubled by the numbers of adolescents that I have counseled who cried for days and hurt for years because they engaged in “safer sex” within dead end, unfulfilling relationships. Sadly, they learned that “safer sex” can be hazardous to their emotional health.

I think the current political debate concerning abstinence vs. contraceptive based sexual education has failed to include an important variable in the discussion of what to teach in school: sexual well being.

In many contemporary sexual education curricula, young boys and girls who listen carefully in health class will be ...

What Does Your Clothing Communicate?

I find, today, that there are a lot of women who really do have a heart for the Lord. They may be faithfully involved in a local church. And they may be actively involved in gospel ministry. And they may lift up their hands in joyful acclamation to the Lord when singing songs of praise. And yet, many of these very same women may also be totally oblivious of the message that they are sending with their body and with their clothing.

Their clothing is communicating something far different than what’s in their hearts.

A Definition of Addiction

Inconsolable pain, the kind that drives away every vestige of happiness and renders us incapable of fully enjoying any pleasure, can be handled only be discovering a capacity for a different kind of joy.

Hate Crime Statement

In November ‘98 (during its 50th annual meeting in Orlando) the Evangelical Theological Society passed a resolution on homosexual conduct, “hate crime,” and truthfulness in the secular media with respect to reporting on evangelicals. With 1225 in attendance, it was their largest meeting ever. The ETS consists of professors of Bible and theology from a wide variety of evangelical backgrounds, all affirming that “The Bible alone, and the Bible in its entirety, is the Word of God written, and therefore inerrant in the autographs.”

Sexual Purity: What You Need to Know

When it comes to sexual purity, we don’t have to wonder what God’s will is. Scripture tells us straight out. His expectations of his children are much higher than for those who don’t know him.

Strategies to Keep from Falling: Practical Steps to Maintain Your Purity and Ministry

“Something terrible has happened.” The tense voice was my friend’s, calling from across the country. “Yesterday our pastor left his wife and ran off with another woman.”

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