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Tentación Sexual (Sexual Temptation Booklet)

ST Booklet SpanishTentación Sexual: Como Establecer Barreras y Ganar La Batalla

Click the download link above to read the Spanish translation of Randy's booklet Sexual Temptation: Establishing Guardrails and Willing the Battle, available in pdf format only (not in print).


Are homosexual sins worse than other sins?”

You were washedRecently when I posted an article from Tony Reinke about homosexuality and idolatry on my blog, I received a thoughtful question from a reader asking if homosexuality is a “worse” sin than others in God’s view. Here’s my answer.

How do you define purity?

1 Peter 1:6The greatest argument for sexual purity is God’s holiness. If we wish to be godly, we must wish to live in sexual purity.

Homosexuality and Happiness

Tony ReinkeTony Reinke, a young evangelical thinker who I know and deeply appreciate, has written what I think is an excellent piece on homosexuality, idolatry and happiness.

What is the Sexual Temptation booklet? (video)

Randy talks about his newly revised and updated booklet Sexual Temptation: Establishing Guardrails and Winning the Battle, and shares about the importance of creating boundaries to protect purity. Learn more at epm.org/stbooklet.

Sexual Temptation: Three Critical Facts Every Christian Needs to Know

Critical fact #1

We are targeted for sexual immorality.Target

Some years ago there were weighty rumors about an international “hit list,” a calculated plan for paid assassins to murder strategic world leaders. A terrifying thought, isn’t it? Yet I’m convinced that the enemy, Satan, has maintained such a hit list throughout the millennia. And there’s every reason to believe that mature Christians are at the very top of his list.

If you have a ministry of any sort—public or private—as a teacher, preacher, leader, helper, or as any kind of salt and light in the ...

Do you have any modesty tips for men?

Avoiding frontal hugs is one of the ways a man can pursue modesty and sexual purity.

My 13-year-old son struggles with pornography. What should I do?

Your son desperately needs your help now. He simply can't do this on his own. I highly recommend making an appointment with a Christian counselor immediately.

What should I do about my husband’s pornography use? (video)

In this video clip, Randy Alcorn answers the question, "What should I do about my husband's pornography use?" Filmed during a Q&A session for Good Shepherd Community Church's Mom 2 Mom group.

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