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God's Promise of Happiness

God's Promise of Happiness 

In God’s Promise of Happiness, bestselling author and noted theologian Randy Alcorn shares select passages and Scripture from his latest hardcover release, Happiness, that provide insight, wisdom, and proof positive that God not only wants us to be happy, He commands it! (purchase)



The Goodness of God

In this specially focused condensation of Alcorn’s If God Is Good: Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil, we’re continually guided into a deeper glimpse of God’s loving ways and higher purposes. (purchase)


Grace: A Bigger View of God's Love 

Nothing is as stunning or as hope-giving as God’s grace. What would your life be like without the transforming power of God’s grace? His grace gives comfort, strength, and encouragement when you face daily challenges both big and small. And best of all, this free gift of God’s grace is available to everyone though a relationship with Jesus Christ. In this devotional, you'll discover a bit more about God's incredible grace. (purchase)


Heaven booklet

Heaven Booklet

This 60-page Heaven booklet is a sampling of the questions and answers found in the larger bookSingle copy, ideal for individual gifting. (You can also purchase packets of 20.)


If God Is Good booklet

If God Is Good Booklet

This 78-page booklet brings into clear focus our most pressing questions about evil and suffering—and points us ultimately toward Jesus, the only answer bigger than the questions. Single copy, ideal for individual gifting. (You can also purchase packets of 10.)



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