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FAQs: writer

How many books has Randy written?

Randy has authored over 40 books.

Is Randy the same Randy Alcorn who writes for The Daily Sound?

No, it is a different Randy Alcorn. Randy writes, "Periodically someone runs across something written by 'Randy Alcorn' and assumes that could only be me. But there are other Randy Alcorns, and one of them is a columnist for The Daily Sound in Santa Barbara, California. I've read a few of his articles I agree with and others I definitely don't."

What were Randy's parents like? Did they encourage him to be a writer?

Randy writes, "My dad grew up in Emboden, Arkansas, and moved to Texas as a teenager to run a pool hall with his older brothers. Later he moved to Oregon and had a grocery store, then became a tavern owner who also supplied amusement machines for other taverns. Our house was the repository for several pool tables, two or three juke boxes, pin-ball machines, standing shuffleboards, foos ball, etc. (My friends liked to hang out at my house mainly for that reason.)

"Dad was strict and very resistant to the gospel, and at first was very resistant to my faith in Christ and was disappointed that I wanted to go to Bible college instead of to a university where I ...

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