Worship & Praise Music Suggestions For Your Personal Time With God

Worship & Praise Music Suggestions For Your Personal Time With God 
By Good Shepherd Community Church Staff 


Submitted by Good Shepherd Community Church staff

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Favorite Songs/Comments

Linda Sirianni

Praise Band

I Walk By Faith

“Who Is Like The Lord?”

Integrity Music

God’s Grace
(Scripture Memory CD)

“My Grace Is Sufficient.” This song was the highlight of my hour commute each day and was life changing.

Hosanna! Music

See His Glory

All the songs are wonderful.

Bob Bennett

Lord of the Past

“Psalm 149:1-4,” “Man of the Tombs”


Steve Bass

Worship Experience

Event Hymns (2 CD Set)
(Source: http://www.worshipmusic.com/kmcd2548.html)

“Be Thou My Vision”; “Before the Throne of God Above”; “How Deep the Father’s Love”; Here is Love”; “From the Squalor of a Borrowed Stable” and many other hymns.  I really enjoy this one to put me in a worshipful mood to do some serious Bible read-through.

Annie Darby


2000 Years Ago

I listen to it in the car and it is very calming.

Brenda Abelein

Various Artists

My Utmost For His Highest (1995, Myrrh Records & Word Records)

I most enjoy CDs that are “collections” for worship, many artists and styles rolled into one continuous 45 minutes.

Kitty Starr

Bonnie Knopf


Anything by her

Various Artists

My Utmost For His Highest: The Anthems


Jeff Johnson, 
Brian Dunning,
John Fitzpatrick,
Jozef Luptak




Stu Weber

Fernando Ortega


Anything by him

Robin Mark

Belfast Revival I & II


Bekah Tucker

Sara Groves


Folk/Folk rock

Bebo Norman


Folk/Folk rock

Marc Peter

My King I Bow Down

Urban pop/folk rock


Beautiful People

Folk/Folk rock. This CD is LOUD!

Matt Guerino

Steve Camp

Doin’ My Best

Powerful, worshipful stuff

Ryan Moffat

Shane and Shane


Always leads me to adoration and humility before the Lord.www.shaneandshane.com

Bob Dorsey

Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns

Not pure worship per se, but very good lyrics all around.


Tammy & Bruce Wickersheim(Worship Leader at GSCC)

Keith Green


“Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful”; “There Is A Redeemer”; “When I Hear The Praises Start”; “My Eyes Are Dry”; “Make My Life A Prayer To You”; “Grace By Which I Stand”; “Holy, Holy, Holy”

Eden’s Bridge

Celtic Hymns


Twila Paris


“My Lips Will Praise You”

Maranatha! Music

Top 25 Hymns (2000)


Integrity Music

Revival In Belfast

“How Great Are You, Lord”; “When It’s All Said And Done”; “Be Unto Your Name”

Sovereign Grace Music (formerly PDI)

Worship Sampler

“In the Presence Of A Holy God”; “I Bow Down”; “The Glory Of The Cross”; “Before The Throne of God Above”

Point Of Grace

Revival Generation CD: 12 Songs That Rocked a Nation

“Jesus Will Still Be There”; “Here I Am”; “Once Again”

Jill Phillips


“I Am” (A beautiful statement of God’s sovereignty, sung in the first person, an intimate love song)

Susan Ashton


“Down On My Knees”

Susan Ashton, Christine Dente, Margaret Becker


“Breathe On Me”

Bonnie Knopf


“Heart of Worship”

John Michael Talbot

Troubadour For The Lord; History Makers Compilation (Sparrow Records); 15 Of His Favorite Worship Songs


Vineyard Music Group, 1994

Of Worship (2 CD set)

“All Heav’n Declares”; “We Exalt Your Name”; “I Worship You”

Vineyard Music Group, 1995

Winds of Worship

“Let Your Glory Fall”; “My Jesus, I Love Thee”

Touching The Father’s Heart Series, Blessed Be the Name

“I See the Lord”

Multiple Artists

WOW Worship CD, 1999

“Change My Heart, Oh God”; “Isn’t He”

Jaci Velasquez


“On My Knees”

Fernando Ortega

Hymns of Worship

“Light Of Heaven”; “Our Great God”; “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence”; “Jesus, King Of Angels”


Steven Curtis Chapman

Speechless CD, 1999

“Be Still and Know”

Michael Card


“El Shaddai”; “Immanuel”

2nd Chapter of Acts



4 Him



Hillsong Music Australia
Hosanna! Intregity Music, 1998

Shout To the Lord 2000

“The Potter’s Hand”; “Love You So Much”; “Shout To the Lord”


Courtney Coder

Shawn McDonald

Simply Nothing

Gospel. Mostly acoustic musicÉsimple and clean, humbling, uplifting and all the songs are Christ-centered.

Cheryl Boersma

Good Shepherd Community Church

Let Everything That Has Breath

Leads you into worship. Especially worshipful is the song “Your Grace Still Amazes Me.”


Hungry-Falling on My Knees


Jeremy Camp



Submitted by EPM Prayer Partners

Monica Bracco

Various Artists

WOW 2005

The songs calm me when I am stressed and lead me into worship.

Diana Estep

Ray Boltz

Ray Boltz in Concert

“I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb.” This is also on VHS and is a tremendously moving video.

Joe David Ward

Steve Green

Morning Light: Songs to Awaken the Dawn

Most awesome praise and worship music for your quiet time with God. Prayer is a vital part of the songs: praise, adoration, supplication, contrition and commitment

(name not submitted)

Vineyard Music

Why We Worship Father (1998)



Lillian Koning

Lenny Le Blanc

We All Bow Down

Sample of music and lyrics at www.audiblefaith.com. Songbook is called One Desire.

Susan Nelson

Chris Tomlin


His songs are so biblically-based.
“Indescribable” inspired me to worship in a whole new way.

LeeAnne Pinkard

Integrity Music

Songs 4 Worship


Janet Albers

Matthew Burtner

Hear My Prayer

Guitar music (no words)

Alinda Rodenburg



Classical. If you have the texts with you when listening, it’s very beautiful and impressive.

Keith Green


“Create In Me a Clean Heart”

Michael Card


Some of Michael’s songs are more of a “ballad” style, but help to focus on particular events in Scripture and how they aply to our lives today. “Things We Leave Behind”; “The Basin and the Towel”; “The Beginning”; “The Promise”

Bob Humes

Multiple Artists


“Holy, You Are Holy”; “You Are Lord God Almighty”; “Amazing Grace”; and best of all, “Shout to the Lord”

Joyce Stigter

Chris Tomlin


Includes some high energy songs, but also some very meditative songs that are sung with great intimacy and reverence.


Kenny Kim

Fernando Ortega


“Give Me Jesus.” Simple, yet powerful song that draws me close to go into an intimate setting with Him.

Mercy Me


“I Can Only Imagine” —I think about this song whenever I think about Randy’s book, Heaven. “Cannot Say Enough”

Stephen Curits Chapman/Geoff Moore


“Listen To Our Hearts”

Passion Band


“I’m Forgiven (Amazing Love).” A beautiful song that describes the amazing love of God and our response to that grace.


Penny Dorsey

Rich Mullins & A Ragamuffin Band

The Jesus Record


Phillips, Craig & Dean

Where Strength Begins


David Meece

Once In A Lifetime


Chuck Girard

Chuck Girard; Fire & Light


Women of Faith Worship Team

Outrageous Joy


Robin Mark

Revival In Belfast

This is a “raise my hands and dance around the house” CD.


God Is In the House


Praise & Worship 
by Hosanna! Music

Give Thanks, Victor’s Crown; Crown Him, Bless the Lord, Enter His Gates; My Refuge; Pure Heart; Lord of All; We Are One


Joni Eareckson Tada, John MacArthur, Robert & Bobbie Wolgemuth & the Master’s Chorale

O Worship the King


Michael W. Smith



1991 Integrity Music

Moments Like These


Kyle Lewis

Breath of God


Nimbus Records

Music for Mother



Robin Green

Chris Cowgill

Solemn Door

This CD really touches me, especially one of the songs that starts out, “Oh Christ, our hope, our heart’s desire...”

Marc Doiron

Carter Conlon

Quiet Times

Conlon is senior pastor of Times Square Church. One of best CD’s out there. Available from Times Square Church.

Kress Drew

Keith Green

The Ministry Years 
(4-CD set)

Includes all the music he released in his life. Incredible!

Wayne Watson

How Time Flies

A greatest hits CD

Michael Card


He’s a great one.

Matt Auten

New Found Land

Really good, but really obscure, might be hard to find, but worth searching for.

Andrew Peterson


Anything and everything

Sara Groves

Past the Wishing, Conversations; All Right Here


Twila Paris

A Heart That Knows You (a Greatest Hits CD)


Rich Mullins


Anything and everything, he was amazing!

Bill O’Connell

Promise Keepers

Stand in the Gap 
(1997, 1998)

Good for a prayerful and Spirit-filled commute.

Thijs Noorlandt

Celtic Worship

Eden’s Bridge

Great worship music when you’re praying.

Martha Winter

Various Artists


The whole CD is full of wonderful songs that bless one over and over again.

Randy Butler

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

This Is Your House

“Days of Elijah” — I love this song. You will become addicted to it!

Leandra McHargue

Nichole Nordeman


“You Are Holy”

Deborah Peel

D. A. Carson



Ruth Fazal


Canadian violinist & worship composer

Sovereign Grace Music (formerly PDI)


“In Christ Alone”; “Before the Throne of God Above”

Steve Camp

Mercy In the Wilderness

Powerful worshipful stuff. Contains wonderful songs like “Christ Died for God,” “He Covers Me.” Music full of doctrinal truths.


LaNette Latham

Twila Paris

Sanctuary, Perennial

I would recommend virtually anything written/recorded by Twila Paris.

True North

“When You Speak To Me”

House of Worship

House of Worship is my favorite.

Michael Card


I would recommend just about anything by Michael Card. Some songs are more ballad style, but help me focus on certain events in Scripture. Starkindler has most helped me with entering into worship. It contains several older hymns done in a somewhat Celtic style.

Phillips, Craig & Dean

Let My Words Be Few; Let Your Glory Fall; Let the Worshippers Arise

Faster paced. Some of the songs are much better than others at drawing one into worship.

Various Artists

Girls of Grace

Their music is more directed toward young women, but have some tremendous songs such as “You Are My All in All”; “In the Calm”; “The Love of Christ”‘ “Trust in the Lord”

Marietta Fahl

Stan Whitmire

Piano Hymns; Piano Praise and Worship; Songs of the Resurrection

These are quiet hymns and beautifully done.

London Philharmonic Choir & National Philharmonic Orchestra

Hymns Triumphant I & II


16 Singing Men



Linda McKechnie

Moments With the Savior (2 CD Set)

1 of the discs is a devotional added to the music.


Tom Poole

London Philharmonic Choir & National Philharmonic Orchestra

Hymns Triumphant I & II

Produced in 1981 & 1984, but can be found used at Amazon.com. Traditional hymns.

Lyn Froehlich

Stanton Lanier

Draw Near, Still Waters

Christian musician who strives to create music that motivates quiet, reflective time with the Lord.

Mark Kershner

Steven Curtis Chapman


Two artists whose music moves me to pray.



Terry Jackson

John G. Elliot


Great instrumental piano music that really helps one come before the Lord. If the lyrics are getting in the way and you would still like some music, this is a great alternative.

Brent Bodenhamer

Sovereign Grace Music (formerly PDI)


Lyrics are very biblical and God-saturated and don’t play to emotionalism and self-centered lyrics (like good hymns in modern language).

Jennifer Moulton

John & Anne Barbour

Real Love


Amy Grant


Can’t remember title of CD, but it’s a newer one where she’s singing old hymns.

Paul Baloche

Open The Eyes of My Heart


Tim Ewing

Terry MacAlmon

The Sound of Heaven


Gary Harris


Take Me In

Refers to Isaiah 6

(name not submitted)

Randy Travis

Faith and Worship

“Above All” makes one cry with joy.

George Beverly Shea

How Sweet the Sound: My All-Time Favorites

“I’d Rather Have Jesus”

Various Artists

Lord I Lift Your Name on High


Steve, Tammy & Kimberly Taylor

Keith Green

Songs of Worship

“Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful”

Matthew Ward

My Redeemer



Adoration: The Worship Album (2003)

contemporary Christian

Stephen Curtis Chapman/Geoff Moore

Listen to Our Hearts



Diane Meyer



“Jesus, Name Above All Names”


Come On, Ring those Bells

Great Christmas Album

Pam Mark Hall

Who Do You Say I Am?


Mixed Artists

WOW Gospel

Really enjoy for an uplifting (and exuberant!) time.

Mixed Artists

WOW Worship CDs

Really helps us focus on praising our Lord.

Karla Amos



“Presence”; “He Reigns” contemporary

Mercy Me


“I Can Only Imagine”; “Homesick” contemporary



“Filled with Your Glory” contemporary

Third Day


“Voice of Truth” contemporary

Monica Bracco

WOW 2005


The songs calm me when I am stressed, and lead me into worship.

(name not submitted.)

Steven Israel


Any music sung by him.

Linda Closson


Press On

“Wonderful, Merciful Savior”

Rick Hoover

Maranatha! Music

Alone With God

A devotional for one’s personal retreat. “I Will Be With You.” Has Scripture readings by Coach Bill McCartney (former U of Colorado football coach).

Sara Mathews


Hiding Place

For all ages


All Things New


Third Day



Straight Way

Celtic Worship

For all ages

Chris Rice

Past the Edges & Deep Enough to Dream


Charles Powell

Robin Mark

Revival In Belfast I & II; Shout to the North; Come Heal This Land

Come Heal This Land is my first choice, but others are great.

Rick & Amy Campbell

Sovereign Grace Music (formerly PDI)

No Greater Love

“Who Like Our God”

Lift A Shout

“Lord Jesus Come”


Alice Noe

Dallas Holms

Worship and Praise; All That Matters

Southern gospel. “I Saw The Lord”; “All That Matters”; “He Knew Me Then”; “Rise Again”

Jesse Norms


“Give Me Jesus” (Black gospel music)

Andre Crouch


His music is very moving.

Walt Hawkins Singers

Oh Happy Day, Going Up Yonder, Be Grateful, Love Alive II




“His Yoke Is Easy and His Burden Is Light” What incredible music.

Cathy McKay

Twila Paris


All of her CDs really speak to my heart and usher me into the throneroom, especially her CD of hymns.

C Cole

Hillsong Australia

Hillsong Music Collection I

“Jesus, Lover of My Soul”

Bonnie Hiestand

Sovereign Grace Music (formerly PDI)


“I Stand in Awe”; “Before the Throne of God Above”

Good Shepherd Community Church

Everything That Has Breath

“Your Grace Still Amazes Me” is especially moving.

Linda Jeffries

Don Moen (songwriter)

God Will Make A Way

“God Will Make a Way” For an awesome story about the song, go to www.donmoen.com/song_inspirations/FDH_GodWillMakeaWay.htm

John & Meredith Huspeni

Sovereign Grace Music (formerly PDI)

Songs for the Cross Centered Life

Website provides samples of all songs: http://www.sovereigngraceministries.

King of Grace






Randy Alcorn

Sovereign Grace Music (formerly PDI)

Love Beyond Degree; I Stand in Awe; Lift a Shout; Everlasting; King of Grace; Bob Kaufman Hymn Project

Everything they do is excellent.

John G. Elliott

The Praise Goes On; In the Quiet; Let All the Thristy Come; Piano Peace (piano only); The Fourth Watch of the Night (piano only)

All wonderful.

Steve Green

The Faithful; Morning Light: Songs to Awaken the Morning; People Need the Lord; Hymns: A Portrait of Christ



2000 Years Ago

Great a cappella group, Christ-centered music.

Keith Green

The Ultimate Collection

God speaks to me through Keith Green’s worship and passion, today as much as 25 years ago.

Scott Wesley Brown

A Heart for You


Janelle Schneider

John Michael Talbot

Come to the Table

Anything by John Michael Talbot puts me immediately into worship mode, but especially Come to the Table.

Michael W. Smith



Don Moen

God Will Make A Way


Roxanne Henke

Don Kincaid

Get On the Journey

Former youth minister who writes all his own songs. Sounds a bit like Elvis.☺

Marlo Schalesky

Michael Card

The Life

I especially appreciate Card’s focus and insight into the person and life of Jesus in this compilation.

John Michael Talbot

The Lover and the Beloved

Rich, poetic lyrics coupled with Talbot’s simple guitar and flawless voice.

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