What Is Wrong with "Open Theism"?

In this six-minute clip, Randy talks about how God’s promises—including Romans 8:28—rest upon His character and attributes, including His being all-knowing and all-powerful.

Delighting in Children

Randy Alcorn talks about his grandsons' soccer game and a difference between raising his daughters and raising boys.

How Do I Challenge the Naturalistic Worldview?

In this five-minute clip, Randy Alcorn talks about how the Christian worldview is the only worldview that stays true to the realities that we observe around us, and shares some thoughts that could be helpful to a Christian who wants to address the inadequacies of the naturalistic worldview.

This World is the Exception, Not the Rule

In this two and a half minute clip, Randy Alcorn talks about coming to grips with the evil and suffering in this present world in the context of a larger Christian worldview.