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Will time no longer exist in Heaven?

Whether or not Heaven operates outside the scope of earth’s time sequence, clearly the inhabitants of Heaven track with events happening in time (Rev. 2-3).

The Word Liberal

You are not a conservative or a liberal; you are a follower of Christ.

Why does Satan bother us when he knows the ultimate outcome?

So, the answer to your original question is summed up in the statement “seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron.” Satan is so delusional that, in his blinding hatred opposing God, he willingly fulfills God’s decree as it is plainly revealed and known by him. The devil cannot oppose God more vigorously than the way described in the final chapter of God’s plan in Revelation. He thus willingly charges into the face of sure defeat fully confident of victory. Such is the nature of evil.

Why doesn’t Focus on the Family take a definitive stand against the birth control pill?

Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?I am a family physician and professor at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon. I am also one of the physicians on the Physicians Resource Council (PRC) at Focus on the Family. I do not prescribe oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) or birth control pills (BCPs) for the purpose of preventing pregnancy.

At the PRC we discussed the potential abortifacient properties of OCPs/BCPs for more than three years. We examined all of the literature available and the bottom line is that we could not develop a clear consensus. One or two physicians felt that these pills never cause an abortion in any woman at any time, some felt that they did rarely (if ever), some felt that they clearly could and would in at least some women in some cycles. For those of us in this latter group, the frequency with which this occurs is clearly going to vary depending on the amount, potency and mix of hormones.

Why doesn’t God allow a window period of repentance from Hades?

If God wants all willing persons to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth, why does not He allow a window period of repentance from Hades?

If you do not believe in a possibility of repentance after death, and if you do not believe in eventual annihilation of the damned, then God has set up a system of unanticipated eternal torture from which there is no escape. If this is true, it says something about God: that He does to His enemies something far worse than the most evil human ever did to another human-eternal torture. But I cannot accept this because God is love.

Why doesn’t Randy use some of the royalties from his books to offset EPM expenses?

Since the royalties received are way more than the operating budget of EPM, some people ask why we don’t use some of the royalties to fund EPM.

Why doesn’t the Old Testament talk about hell?

The doctrine of Hell is suggested in the Old Testament, but it is much more clearly revealed in the New. Jesus said more about Hell than anyone.

I wish I had time to fully answer your question, but I would suggest that you go to some resources online concerning the subject of Hell.

Why don’t people believe the pill is abortive?

Perhaps your doctor is uninformed and hasn’t read information on the possible abortifacient aspect of the pill. Pastors have many demands on their time and it’s difficult for them to stay abreast of a variety of important issues. If that is the case I would suggest giving him a copy of Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions? or a pdf version of the booklet found here.

Why don’t we pray to Mary and the Saints?

We don’t pray to Mary and the various saints because they are not God, and they have no power to answer prayer. It doesn’t matter whether they know what’s happening on Earth; we should not pray to them, any more then we should pray to our friends on Earth because they know what’s happening in our lives.

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