Progestin-Only Pill As A Form of Birth Control

By Dr. Bill Toffler | April 20, 2010
At least two OB-Gyns on the PRC (who are not particularly concerned about birth control pills in general) absolutely agree that the mini-pill is more likely to allow breakthrough ovulation; thus, they will NOT prescribe the mini-pill to postpartum mothers (or to anyone else) for “contraceptive” purposes.

Prolifers Don’t Care About Women?

By Randy Alcorn | April 20, 2010
It’s possible to speak out about injustice without having a solution. However, I agree that those pointing out injustice should seek to be part of the solution.

A. W. Tozer: Prayer

By A. W. Tozer | April 20, 2010
Prayer among evangelical Christians is always in danger of degenerating into a glorified gold rush. Almost every book on prayer deals with the “get” element mainly.

Why balance?

By Randy Alcorn | April 20, 2010
Randy Alcorn answers the question, "Why do we need a balance of grace and truth?"

Practical Ways to Help Our Persecuted Brothers and Sisters in Christ

By Eternal Perspective Ministries | April 19, 2010
We receive many letters from readers asking for ways to help those being persecuted for their faith. In addition to financial contributions, the following are other opportunities for individuals, families, or church groups to help those in need.