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Deception: Will there be a sequel?

So, depending on the response to Deception (because I’ll find out whether readers like Ollie), Lord willing, there may well be one or more other Ollie stories to come.

Hands-on Projects You Can Do

The following are hands-on project opportunities that have been compiled by EPM.

Harvest Stories: The JESUS Film

The JESUS FilmColombia, South America

In Colombia, South America, a missionary couple was driving along a rugged mountain road known for occasional attacks by bandits, when suddenly their car was blocked by thieves brandishing assault rifles, who ordered the couple to sit on the roadside while they ransacked the car.

The missionaries fearfully complied, wondering if they would be shot and killed, as often happens. The thieves took nearly everything, including the projector they were using to show the JESUS film in nearby villages. As the thieves began to leave, the husband boldly called, “Wait, you forgot to take the film.” Amazingly ...

Has Christianity made up its own meaning of fornication to mean sex before marriage?

The Greek word for “fornication” is “porneia”, which means harlotry (including adultery and incest); figuratively, idolatry: The NKJ renders “fornication” as “sexual immorality.” The NIV renders it as “marital unfaithfulness/infidelity.” As you can see Christianity has made up its own meaning of fornication to mean sex before marriage. Christianity continues to define and redefine itself. I continue to question Christians in these matters.

Answered by Marshall Beretta, EPM Volunteer

I was not sure from your comments on “porneia” whether you were arguing for personal support of pre-marital sex. I’ll treat the general issue of the word. The Bible ...

A. W. Tozer: Worship

worshippingSeven Days a Week

But the Lord is in His holy temple. Let all the earth keep silence before Him. (Habakkuk 2:20)

So I’ve got to tell you that if you do not worship God seven days a week, you do not worship Him on one day a week. There is no such thing known in heaven as Sunday worship unless it is accompanied by Monday worship and Tuesday worship and so on....

We come into God’s house and say, “The Lord is in His holy temple, let us all kneel before Him.” Very nice. I think ...

Why would God want to serve us in Heaven?

As a father who loves his children goes out of his way to help them, God promises that he will always give of himself for us. Why? Because he loves us and wants to show forever his appreciation for our loyalty and service to him in this life. Does that mean we deserve God’s grace? Of course not. By definition, God’s grace is something we don’t deserve. If we deserved it, it wouldn’t be grace!

Why would it be bad to use science to interpret the Bible?

I believe that the Bible has greater authority than nature. Creation is “general” revelation only. The Bible is special, much more specific, revelation. Creation reveals that there is a Creator, and it reveals his attributes, eternal power and divine nature (Rom 1:20). The Bible tells us that God’s Word is sufficient, adequate, equipping for every good work (2 Tim 3:16). Let me acknowledge that there are degrees of clarity (and often, assumption) that must be considered. But we must take care not to elevate the theories of man (whether they be “young earth,” “old-earth,” evolutionary, etc.) to a position of equal or greater importance than the Word of God.

Why would people choose to suffer in Hell rather than serve God?

How do we stop the madness of pride and the insanity of sin? We stop it by raising our eyes toward heaven and by realizing that we are nothing and He is everything, and that the universe is not about what pleases me, but what pleases God. (This is an argument for starting each day in Scripture to recalibrate and make sure the compass is pointing true north, to the person of God.)

Will God Create New Beings For Us To Rule?

HeavenQuestion from a reader:

On page 211 of your book Heaven, you ask, “Whom will we rule?” and then go on to say other people, angels and that God may create new beings for us to rule. Are the “new beings” just part of your imagination or is there a scriptural basis for that thought?

Answer from Randy Alcorn:

This was just my imagination. I actually said “If God wishes, He may create new beings for us to rule.” We know that we’ll rule (I Corinthians 6). When scripture talks about ruling over cities the presumption is people living ...

Will God resurrect animals?

HeavenThere is no indication that animals have eternal souls. However, God is perfectly capable of recreating (not the same as resurrecting) an animal who has died. There's no Scriptural proof, but I wouldn't be surprised if He does that.

For more information on the subject of Heaven, see Randy Alcorn’s book Heaven.

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