Never Give Up

By Randy Alcorn | March 25, 2010
Incredibly, by the time I walked out Dad had prayed and asked Christ to forgive his sins.

Prosperity Theology

By Randy Alcorn | March 25, 2010
Prosperity theology teaches that God will bless with material abundance and good health those who obey him and lay claim to his promises. “We don’t have to wait for God’s blessing in the life to come,” it promises. “He’ll send it to us here and now.”

Teens Listen?

By Warren Throckmorton | March 25, 2010
In 1988, George Michael won a Grammy award for his album Faith. This disc featured sexually graphic songs, the most controversial being ‘I Want Your Sex.’ Apparently teens were listening to Mr. Michael. That same year, the Centers for Disease Control surveyed teens and learned that 50% of males and 37% of females aged 15-17 had gotten sex sometime during their short lifetime. While a generation of teens was learning to just say no to drugs during the 80s, many of them were saying yes to sex.