Truth: Does It Matter Any More?

Telling the truth is no longer normal. In America, a man can lie about his past, violate his marriage vows, make promises he has no intention of keeping, and break those promises without a shred of guilt. Indeed, he can deny he actually made them in the first place, or make you feel like he is breaking them as a matter of principle. And such a man can be more than just some cheap sleazy crook. He can be president of the United States.

Dreams & Visions Move Muslims To Christ

More and more Muslims are having dreams and visions of Christ, Christian ministries say. There is increasing evidence that the supernatural is playing a role in drawing Muslims to Christ.

A Child's Love Opens Jane Roe's Heart

The first time 7-year-old Emily Bausch met Norma McCorvey, she had no idea she had come face to face with an icon of the pro-abortion movement—”Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade. 

Justice Scalia's Minority Opinion On Homosexuality

Since the Constitution of the United States says nothing about this subject, it is left to be resolved by normal democratic means, including the democratic adoption of provisions in state constitutions.

Martyrdom or Genocide?

The following article tells of the latest Somali Christian to die for his faith. The aim of his killers appears to be to eliminate all Somali believers if possible.

Testimony Before the FDA

Text of Oral Testimony given before the Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee of the Food and Drug Administration at its Public Meeting of July 19, 1996.