A Life Given . . .

On the Slave Coast of West Africa in 1880, a land governed by witchcraft and superstition and where human life was cheap, torture by poisoning and boiling oil was the order of the day. 

One Family Responds to Safely Home

When the night ended, they had enough money in hand to provide over 4,100 Bibles to the people of China.

Abortifacient Effect of the Birth Control Pill

This resource is available from the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity: The Pill: Addressing the Scientific and Ethical Questions of the Abortifacient Issue

Race and Interracial Marriage

If we think that issues of race and racism in America were settled with the civil rights movement in the sixties, we are not awake to the real world.

Saving Babies and Saving Sinners

This morning after breakfast I was again distressed, very distressed, at the thought of the thousands of unborn children that are legally crushed to death by sterile medical instruments. 

As the Dust Settles: The Day After

The terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center in New York and damaged the Pentagon were not just about buildings and airplanes. They were about people. In the midst of this, Christians are called to be, as Augustine put it, "the best of citizens." But what should we be doing?

A Mother's Memorial to Her Aborted Child

I am not a brave person. More often than not, when God has a difficult assignment for me, I pull a Moses: “I can’t, Lord!...why me???” Recently He gave me a chance to stretch a little.