Mother Teresa's Speech

By Mother Teresa | February 3, 1994
If we remember that God loves us, and that we can love others as He loves us, then America can become a sign of peace for the world.

Prime Time Values

By Randy Alcorn | February 1, 1994
It was a story so great, so important, so attractive and instructive for American families, that all three networks felt they had to turn it into a feature television movie.

Euthanasia: Mercy or Murder?

By Randy Alcorn | January 1, 1994
I used this article in a course I taught at Multnomah Bible College—Soc 111, Contemporary Social Ethics.

In Condoms We Trust

By Randy Alcorn | January 1, 1994
A recent “Primetime Live” program covered public schools whose health clinics are now surgically inserting Norplant beneath the skin of teenage girls. 

Wilberforce: Refusing To Give Up

By Randy Alcorn | January 1, 1994
Shortly after his conversion to Christ in 1784, British parliamentarian William Wilberforce began his battle for the black man’s freedom.

Self-love and Scripture

By Randy Alcorn | November 1, 1993
I was on the east coast speaking at one of the finest Christian camps in the country. There in the bookstore, surrounded by great books by J. I. Packer, John Stott and others, was a book called, Selling Yourself on You

Psychology & the Bible

By Randy Alcorn | September 1, 1993
In the evangelical churches of America, many people who do not know the meaning of “substitutionary atonement,” “sanctification,” “holiness” and “depravity” are becoming intimately acquainted with the meaning of “codependency,” “enabler,” “dysfunction” and “abuse.”

Do We Celebrate Diversity?

By Randy Alcorn | August 1, 1993
I submitted the following opinion piece to the Gresham Outlook in August of 1993. It wasn’t printed (no excerpts either). Because it reflects trends not just in my area but around the country, I’m including it here.