A Story of Eternal Perspective

Back in 1921, a missionary couple named David and Svea Flood went with their two-year-old son from Sweden to the heart of Africa—to what was then called the Belgian Congo.

Homosexual Movement Updates

In my book Christians in the Wake of the Sexual Revolution, published in 1985, I have a chapter entitled The Homosexual Movement. Heres just a partial portrait of the homosexual community: In gay baths men meet and copulate with total strangers and often have sex with multiple partners. Government official Dan Bradley described his first visit to a gay bath: I must have had sex with ten different guys that first night. I was like a kid in a candy store. The baths allow sexual relations in front of others or in private cubicles, often without even the exchange ...

Peculiar Perils of Leadership

Although there are occupational hazards in all callings, the perils of the spiritual leader are especially subtle.

Running Toward the Unshakeable Kingdom

God’s total answer for man’s total need is his kingdom. It’s God’s plan, God’s order, God’s promise, and God’s offer.