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Amazon.com interview with Randy Alcorn about his writing

A publisher asked me last week what my distinctive mission as a writer is. I think it's to probe beneath the surface into the deep longings of people, then to open a door into the invisible spiritual realm so people can see ultimate realities (including God, angels, demons, heaven and hell) with the eyes of faith and imagination.

Are you a member of ChiLibris [novelist group]?

Yes, I have been part of ChiLibris since the beginning, when we had something like 18 of us, I think.

Author Spotlight from Big Change Moments

Author Spotlight from Big Change Moments

Alcorn resides in Gresham, Oregon with his wife, Nanci. They have two married daughters and five grandsons. Randy enjoys hanging out with his family, biking, tennis, research, and reading.

A Father’s Prayer for His Daughter

A Father's Prayer for His Daughter

Written by Randy Alcorn, April 3, 1979, the day of his daughter's birth.

A Focus on the Family interview with Randy Alcorn: Discover ‘The Treasure Principle’ of Giving

A Focus on the Family interview with Randy Alcorn: Discover 'The Treasure Principle' of Giving

Randy Alcorn loves giving, and he wants you to love giving. Just listen to him talk about giving, about joyful tithing and radical generosity. But fear not—Alcorn won’t guilt you into giving. Nor will he instruct you to sell your possessions, abandon all forms of entertainment or forego future vacations.

A funny experience in a Chinese restaurant

I visited China in the Fall of 1999 while doing background research for Safely Home.

An Interview on Benevolence Ministries and Giving in the Church and The Treasure Principle

Benevolence is simply showing love through giving—giving of our money, time, and abilities to help the needy. So to talk about benevolence ministries is to talk about giving.

A Letter From Jail

A Letter From Jail

2010 marked the 20th anniversary of Eternal Perspective Ministries, the nonprofit ministry I founded in 1990. During the years leading up to 1990, by God's grace, Nanci and I and our daughters learned a lot about what's close to His heart and became more active in advocating for unborn children and their moms.

A Matter of Perspective

Randy Alcorn’s life, calling, and ministry can be rolled up in one word: perspective.

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