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Heaven: An Interview with The Outlook

HeavenThe Outlook: What motivated you to write on the subject of Heaven? How long did it take to research Heaven?

I heard countless people, including a pastor friend who’s a grad of our school, make negative comments about heaven, about dreading and fearing heaven. It grieved and confused me. And it motivated me to clean the slate of my long-held assumptions (largely based on the assumptions of pastors and teachers and writers) and try to study what Scripture actually said.

I found this subject fascinating. I began reading books on Heaven, many of them out of print. Many ...

Heaven: Christian Book Distributors Interview with Randy Alcorn

Randy Alcorn is the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries, a nonprofit ministry devoted to promoting an eternal viewpoint and drawing attention to people in special need of advocacy and help. He is author of many nonfiction books including Prolife Answers to ProChoice Arguments; Money Possessions, and Eternity; and six novelsDeadline; Dominion; Edge of Eternity, Lord Foulgrin’s Letters, Safely Home and The Ishbane Conspiracy (written with his daughters Angela and Karina). His nonfiction book In Light of Eternity talks of the realities of eternity and what we can expect in heaven. Christianbook.com spoke with Randy about ...

How did you become interested in the subject of Heaven?

In my book In Light of Eternity I tell several stories related to my moms death 19 years ago, the death of my closest friend about 10 years ago, and my fathers death three years ago. There were many people who meant a great deal to me and to whom I was very close, as well as many people in my congregation while I was in pastoral ministry, who faced terminal cancer situations or whatever it might be. I found myself doing a lot of memorial services and spending a lot of time with people who were dying, and my heart and mind just sort of moved over to this arena of what really does happen on the other side of death. And when I think of my loved ones who have died and what they are currently experiencing, what should I think about heaven?

How did you learn to love reading?

I learned to love reading through comic books Archie and Richie, Rich and Marvel (esp. Fantastic Four). But I was a DC fan, my favorites being The Justice League of America (Green Lantern was my hero) and The Legion of Super Heroes (go, Lightning Lad). From there I dove into science fiction and fantasy, spending my nights looking through my telescope, then coming to bed freezing cold and reading science fiction by flashlight under my covers, so Mom wouldnt see the light on.

I vividly remember forty years ago looking through the kids fiction section in the local library ...

How do you enjoy your family and the ministry?

How do you enjoy your family and the ministry?

holiding child's handQuestion from a reader:

I’m a full-time youth pastor with four beautiful kids and an incredibly supportive wife. It is so hard to juggle ministry and family and do it well. As someone who has reached the other side, and now with grandkids, does it get easier? How did you find the energy and time to really enjoy the kids AND the ministry?

Answer from Randy Alcorn:

It did get easier as the kids got older, and more when they launched out into the world on their own, and most of all, of course, when they got married. Yet ...

How do you prioritize everything that you’ve got going on? Do you ever feel like there’s never enough time in the day?

Yes, sometimes I really do struggle with how quickly time runs out each day. I try to focus on the Lord and His Word and figure out the few things in life He really wants me to do. I say no to 98% of invitations, and regularly decline things I really wish I could do. I’ve decided that if I am going to have time to write I will have to fight for it. Every day, including this one, offers me a hundred distractions, not just bad things, but good things. I tell myself that I must say no ...

How do you sense the leading of the Holy Spirit?

Question from a reader:

How do you sense the leading of the Holy Spirit? Is it through reading Scripture, a Scripture that comes to mind, or an idea that won’t go away?

Answer from Randy Alcorn:

Each of those ways. For me, it begins with Scripture, because I never have to wonder if it’s from God. I know it is. Seems odd to me to ask for God’s direction in dozens of secondary areas if I’m disobeying what He says is His will in primary areas.

Sometimes sensing the Spirit’s leading is subjective, but it ...

How have you seen God use your books?

How have you seen God use your books?

While God has been gracious to bless all of my books with spiritual impact on people, Safely Home is one of them that has had particularly deep effects.

How old were you when you wrote your first book?

I started writing my first book, Christians in the Wake of the Sexual Revolution, when I was 29, and finished when I was 31.

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