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Resources: About Randy Alcorn

Where did you get your love for reading? (video)

Randy Alcorn answers the question, "Where did you get your love for reading?"

Left Behind.com Interview with Randy Alcorn about Heaven

Our unbiblical assumption that Heaven won’t be a real, tangible, earthly place blinds us to what Scripture actually says.

Randy honors his mother (video)

Randy honors his mother, Lucille Alcorn, in a special video.

Is there a book you would like to write that you haven’t gotten the go-ahead for from a publishing company?

I’ve been fortunate to get published the books I’ve most wanted to write, with one exception. I have a book related to Scripture and astronomy, which has been my hobby since I was a kid. I’ve collected lots of photos and amazing facts about the universe, and many years ago tried to get it published but it was too expensive with all the photos and permissions. Now I have a publisher who says they want me to do it. I just have to find the time to get back to it, which I really want to do ...

Randy shares about encouragement he’s received through emails and stories (video)

Randy talking about the encouragement he receives from emails and stories that readers share with him.

Randy’s Story of Giving (video)

Randy's shares his story at the Seed Company Invitational 2007.

Edge of Eternity: An Interview with Randy

Andrea Doering of Crossings Book Club interviews Randy Alcorn about his book Edge of Eternity.

Novel Journey Interview with Randy Alcorn about writing and Deception

As long as people know that fiction is fiction, we shouldn’t apologize for using our God-given imaginations to create worlds for characters to inhabit, and for readers to enjoy and learn from.

I’m doing research on the birth control pill and am careful who I receive counsel from. What is Randy Alcorn’s background?

Question from a reader:

I’ve been told about your ministry and the issue of birth control pills causing abortions. I’m doing continuing research on this subject, but I’m careful who I receive information from. I would like to know if you’re part of a church denomination, or whom the ministry is accountable to. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I feel it’s important to know about the person we receive counsel from.

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