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Pourquoi Randy Alcorn a décidé de dire non à 99% des invitations

By Randy Alcorn | September 16, 2015
Avant, je disais non à 95% des demandes de prédications, de conférences ou des demandes du type « allons boire un verre » ou « est-ce que tu pourrais lire mon livre? » Maintenant, c’est plus de 99% du temps. La réponse standard que mon assistant envoie est une formule que j’ai trouvée il y a plus de 15 ans: « Randy doit dire non à la grande majorité des bonnes occasions pour pouvoir dire oui aux très rares opportunités que Dieu veut qu’il saisisse. »  

Does God have a special interest in the lives of His children?

By Julia (Stager) Mayo, Stephanie Anderson | May 20, 2015
Randy wrote on his blog, “Christ watches closely what transpires on Earth, especially in the lives of God’s people." A reader responded: "Why especially in the lives of God's people? Does He not closely watch the lives of the non-believers? I'm sure that He does. We are all sinners alike. No one sinner is more beloved than the other. It seems that wording has placed a separation between non-believers and believers.”

What about same-sex married couples adopting?

By Julia (Stager) Mayo | April 1, 2015
First of all, as Christians we should be supporting and adopting needy children at home and abroad. We’re called to love our neighbor, and the most loving thing we can do for a child in need is placing them in a godly family where they will hear the gospel, grow in knowledge of God and his word, and experience unconditional love and support.(read more)

On Manna and Personal Sabbaths

By Doreen Button | February 25, 2015
The scattering of manna in the wilderness happened 6 days a week. On the 7th, just as in creation, God rested and so did the Israelites—at least the obedient ones. Those who went out to gather manna on the Sabbath disappointed themselves and God.

Studying the Bible with S.O.A.P.

By Chelsea Weber | February 25, 2015
Question from a reader: I am a correspondent for older children sponsored by a Christian organization. I want to send them Bible study techniques, but most likely the vast majority of my kids have NO access to anything but their Bible—no concordances, dictionaries, etc. Do you have some tips to give the kids on studying the Bible during their own quiet time?

Is it okay to be untruthful with someone who has dementia?

By Karen Coleman | February 3, 2015

Question from a reader:

A friend’s wife has dementia and is constantly forgetting how many sodas she has had (she has a rule that she will not drink more than two a day). He feels guilty about lying to her and is struggling with the moral ethic of his actions. Is it okay to be untruthful with someone who has dementia?

Do Christians have all the answers?

By Randy Alcorn | July 16, 2014
Randy answers the question “Do Christians have all the answers?” during an interview on Moody Radio in June, 2014, marking the paperback release of his If God Is Good book.

What hope can be found in the midst of a miscarriage?

By Randy Alcorn | June 25, 2014
A while back, my youngest daughter Angela, early in her pregnancy, lost her baby, our sixth grandchild. So heartbreaking, so many tears. We spent seven hours with her and her family the next day, hugging my girl and talking with my grandsons about where their sister or brother is. There are no words for times like this, as most of you know. I was still up at 2 AM the next morning, pondering it all, hoping Angie was asleep.