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Do Christians have all the answers? (audio)

Randy answers the question “Do Christians have all the answers?” during an interview on Moody Radio in June, 2014, marking the paperback release of his If God Is Good book.

What hope can be found in the midst of a miscarriage?

A while back, my youngest daughter Angela, early in her pregnancy, lost her baby, our sixth grandchild. So heartbreaking, so many tears. We spent seven hours with her and her family the next day, hugging my girl and talking with my grandsons about where their sister or brother is. There are no words for times like this, as most of you know. I was still up at 2 AM the next morning, pondering it all, hoping Angie was asleep.

Can New Age music bring an evil presence?

Question from a reader:

I’ve been listening to instrumental New Age music at night when I fall asleep. A couple of different nights I have woken up, with the music still playing, with a huge sense of terror, afraid I was going to die. The only thing that seems to diminish the terror is reading Scripture. Could this music be affiliated with the demonic world?

Do you think professional sports teams with Christian athletes have an advantage?

Question from a reader:

Do you think professional sports teams with Christian athletes have an advantage?

Answer from Randy Alcorn:

If every player on one team were an atheist and everyone on the other loved Jesus, I would never assume that the team with the believers would win. :) It’s funny, because while that should be a given, I think many actually feel the opposite. Recently before a Seahawks vs. Broncos football game, I posted a video on FaceBook of some of the Seahawks players talking about Jesus. Some of the comments were similar to this one: “Well, I guess ...

Q&A for Women with Randy and Nanci Alcorn (video)

Randy and his wife Nanci spoke to a group of young moms at their home church (Good Shepherd Community Church in Boring, OR) on May 8, 2014. The format was Q&A and many topics were covered including family, parenting, and living a godly life. View video below from each of the sessions with Randy and Nanci.

I’ve been struggling with having impure dreams that take me to a very dark place. What should I do?

Question from a reader:

I’ve been struggling with having impure dreams that take me to a very dark place. I think there might be some demonic influence. What should I do?

Dialogue with a Reader: Will I go to Hell if I fail at living a good Christian life?

50 Days of HeavenEveryone who tries to live the Christian life fails. I’ve failed. Randy has failed. But God doesn’t reject us when we fail; He helps us grow. You expressed there are many things keeping you from the life God wants for you. God wants your life to be full of hope, love, peace, grace and forgiveness and so much more. 

Never Stop Being A Student

ChalkboardThere was once a time in the early years of our faith when we couldn’t get enough. We had a voracious hunger for truth. We lived with the humbling realization that there was so much we didn’t know. We loved to study the Word of God. We loved listening to peers and mentors who were further along. We were students.

How can I comfort a friend who lost one of her unbelieving parents?

Question from a reader:

I will be attending a memorial service for a dear friend’s mother who was not a Christian. Her father is devastated, even though she had battled cancer for nine years. How can I offer hope at such a time?  

How can we keep the Sabbath in our current culture?

Question from a reader:

God tells us to “keep the Sabbath”, but I have a lot of Christian friends who go shopping or out to dinner, or do other kinds of work on Sundays. What is an appropriate way to keep the Sabbath in our current culture?

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