Resources: Christian Life

Faith and Football

By Randy Alcorn | January 15, 2009
Last January the Florida Gators won the national college championship. Quarterback Tim Tebow was named Most Valuable Player.

Fame Or Character?

By Randy Alcorn | September 20, 1999
In 1998 I spoke at a Green Bay Packers pre-game chapel. The players and coaches there were just like the rest of us, except more famous and wealthy (and somewhat larger). This is the message I shared with them.

Fences Bring Freedom: How Boundaries Can Liberate Us

By Randy Alcorn | January 21, 2007
We live in the same house that we did when our daughters were small. Now they're grown and we have four grandsons. All those years our daughters were growing up, we never built a fence in our yard. There was no need.

Finney Thanks His Angel Guardian

By Randy Alcorn | January 21, 2010
“You’ve taught me so much, Zyor. This place is wonderful, much more wonderful than I had even dreamed."

From the Psalms: Who God is Toward Us

By Kathy Norquist | January 26, 2011
Words from the book of Psalms (NIV) that speak of God's actions and motives toward his people.
Compiled  by Kathy Norquist, Randy Alcorn's executive assistant.