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What should our perspective be about taxes?

Sometimes Christians get sidetracked from their central mission as God's stewards through illegitimate or secondary financial concerns. In my opinion, one example is the tax protest movement that now includes thousands of Christians across the country, many of whom use their church contacts to propagate their cause. Usually, they refuse to pay income tax, citing innumerable reasons why taxes are unjust and unconstitutional. They do this despite the fact that in a much more unjust society, Paul commanded the Roman Christians to obey their government and pay their taxes (Romans 13:1-7).

How God Uses Stress for Our Good and His Glory

Having a biblical perspective is seeing life through God’s eyes. It is seeing order in chaos, use in the useless, and good in the bad. If we are to develop eyes to see God’s hand in everything, we must believe (not necessarily understand) what Scripture says about the purpose of stress. Stress is an effective tool in the hands of our God, a tool that is intended both for His glory and our good. In this article we will look at some ways God uses stress.

What do you think about having a homosexual be part of a church leadership team?

Question from a reader:

What do you think about having a homosexual be part of a church leadership team?

Escaping the Rut

purple orange mugGrowing up, I loved family fun nights. Occasionally, the four of us played a game, watched a movie, or went out together in lieu of the normal evening at home. These nights had a way of bringing us closer by experiencing something different together. We discovered more about why we loved each other. Stories came up that might not have over just a weekday dinner table.


No Hypocrites!

One of my goals in life is exactly the same as yours. I don’t want to be a hypocrite. Every day I want to shorten the distance between that which I process and that which I actually live. I want no gaps between my “talk” and my “walk.”

It’s why I’d like to repeat every day for the next month, this “Test for Self-Evaluation,” proposed by John Wesley.

Do you believe a person can be a practicing homosexual and be saved?

Do I believe a Christian can sin, and even live in sin for a time? Yes. Do I believe that a Christian can be disobedient to God? Of course. But I would say that homosexual relations are an abomination to God.

Being a People of Repentance (video)

In this eight minute video, Randy Alcorn participates in a round table discussion with Pastors Stu Weber and Steve Keels at Good Shepherd Community Church. In this clip, they discuss being a people of repentance from 2 Timothy.

Do evangelicals dismiss the supernatural too easily?

Instead of assuming the authors are lying and are motivated only by money, we should address the specific portions that are unbiblical and warn people to trust the Scriptures as authoritative over these claims, in an Acts 17:11 manner.

How can some good, moral people not accept Christ and go to Hell, while other sinful people convert and go to Heaven?

Question from a reader:

A friend has asked me this question: How is it that someone who lives a good and moral life will go to Hell while another person who has lived a very sinful life, but repents at the last moment, will go to Heaven? Can you help me know how to explain the answer?

Can you recommend a good Study Bible? (video)

Randy talks about things to look for in a good Study Bible, focusing on the ESV study Bible which he personally uses and recommends.

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