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Resources: Eternal Perspective Ministries

Behind the Scenes at EPM

When Randy Alcorn does research for a new book, Bonnie Hiestand gets to work.

Blah, Blah, Blah

Kathy Norquist is Randy Alcorn's Executive Assistant.

Celebrating 20 Years: 1990-2010

Celebrating 20 Years: 1990-2010

Then The ministry began in 1990 with the EPM office in the Alcorns’ basement. Randy and his wife Nanci were the only employees. In 1997, an office space was added to the Alcorns’ home, where EPM resided until 2006.

Now EPM has grown to 10 part-time employees (not including Randy), and has a separate office in Sandy, Oregon, while Randy still works full-time from his home office.

EPM Finances: For Those Who Ask

Sometimes we’re asked “How’s EPM doing financially?” We usually say “just fine.” God is our faithful provider. However, once every few years, it’s time to say a little more.

EPM provides books to prisoners

Sharon MisenhimerBy age nineteen, things at home looked hopeless for Jason (not his real name). His father was an alcoholic, verbally abusive, and physically violent. His mother could do little about it, so he left home and headed west.

He met a group of people who offered free sex and drugs. He joined their group as it gave him a sense of acceptance and belonging that substituted for the love and respect he craved. As time passed, the group turned into one of racism and violence. With members of the group, Jason became involved in robberies and a murder. He was ...

EPM’s 2012 Ministry Overview

We're excited about the ways God faithfully used our ministry in the past year to impact eternity.

EPM’s 2013 Ministry Overview

Learn more about the work of EPM and how God faithfully used our ministry in 2013.

A Giving Alternative: Donating to EPM via United Way

For years many Christians have struggled because of the annual office pressure to have full participation in giving to The United Way. The problem is, United Way funds have gone to Planned Parenthood and similar proabortion groups, as well as prohomosexual groups and others committed to anti-Christian beliefs and actions. Naturally, of course, Christians want to lead the way in generosity and this has presented quite a dilemma. But there is good news!

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