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Resources: Eternal Perspective Ministries

How did you start Eternal Perspective Ministries? (audio)

Randy answers this question during a July 2014 conference call with Kerrick Thomas from Renegade Pastors, an online support network for pastors.

EPM’s 2013 Ministry Overview

Learn more about the work of EPM and how God faithfully used our ministry in 2013.

Why is an eternal perspective so important? (audio)

Randy talks about the meaning of the words"eternal perspective" and why it's so important, speaking in a radio interview, July 2013.

Has EPM helped small ministries get donations? (audio)

Randy talks about how EPM has helped small ministries get donations, speaking to a group of CEO's (both secular and Christian).

EPM’s 2012 Ministry Overview

We're excited about the ways God faithfully used our ministry in the past year to impact eternity.

What happened at the ten year mark of the judgment against you? (video)

Randy Alcorn answers the question,"What happened at the ten year mark of the judgment against you?" at the 2011 Kingdom Advisors conference with Ron Blue.

Where the Book Royalties Go

We’d like to share with you just a few of the ways the book royalties have been used to make a difference in the world—and for eternity. To date, we’ve had the privilege of giving away close to $5.5 million. These pages highlight some of our special funds and the ministries they’ve helped support.

Special Funds

Eternal Perspective Ministries has created several special funds you are welcome to support. 

Linda Jeffries: Keeping the EPM office running smoothly

There’s a lot to know about Linda Jeffries, office manager at Eternal Perspective Ministries, but by far the best way to understand her is to know the God she serves.

The Heartbeat Behind Eternal Perspective Ministries (video)

Randy Alcorn talking about the beginnings of Eternal Perspective Ministries.

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