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Will we ever disagree in Heaven?

Because we’re finite and unique and because we’ll never know everything, we may not agree about everything in Heaven. We’ll agree on innumerable matters and wonder how we ever thought otherwise. But we’ll still likely have different tastes in food and clothes and music and thousands of other things.

Why do all of the angels in your graphic novel, Eternity, have wings?

Question from a reader:

In another article you mentioned that in Scripture some angels have wings and some may not. Why do all of the angels in your graphic novel, Eternity, have wings?

What do you look forward to when you first enter Heaven?

I think about Heaven a lot. Peter tells us, “you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 1:11). God is the main welcomer, no doubt, but I think there will be a welcoming committee. 

Do angels have wings?

There is a category of created beings that pre-existed the creation of the universe which are generally known as angels. There are two types of these beings in the Bible that are said to have wings: Cherubim (Exodus 25:20; 37:9; I Kings 6:24, 27; 8:6-7; 1 Chron. 28:18; 2 Chron. 3:11; 5:7-8; Ezekiel 10) and Seraphim (Isaiah 6). Therefore, in my thinking and that of most theologians, I believe, we know for sure that some angels have wings.

Do you think loss of rewards in Heaven will be permanent?

Question from a reader:

On the doctrine of rewards, 1 Corinthians 3:15 says some will “suffer loss” though they are saved in and in the New Earth. That’s always bothered me. Loss implies comparison, and something “bad” in Heaven. Do you think that such loss is permanent? Or might there be opportunity to work past the "loss" and improve one's lot?

Will we achieve eternal youth and beauty in Heaven?

Question from a reader:

I am wondering what Bible scripture references you are referring to when you say, "the gospel promises us eternal youthfulness and beauty." I am familiar with the scriptures that tell us about no more pain, suffering, etc. but have never heard scriptures that promise eternal youthfulness and beauty.

Can names ever be removed from the Book of Life?

Question from a reader:

I have been reading some conflicting opinions concerning the Book of Life and the Lamb's Book of Life. Some say they are the same. Others say the Book of Life has the names of everyone living and that names can be blotted out, and that the Lamb’s Book of Life contains the names of born again believers and those names are eternally secure. What do you think?

Will there be a military in Heaven?

Question from a reader:

Do you believe that there will be a military or armed forces in Heaven? I realize that we will not need them other than the Battle of Armageddon, or the final rebellion after Satan is released from the bottomless pit. Do you think that there will be a military, mainly to teach believers self-discipline instead of preparing for war?

How can I comfort a friend who lost one of her unbelieving parents?

Question from a reader:

I will be attending a memorial service for a dear friend’s mother who was not a Christian. Her father is devastated, even though she had battled cancer for nine years. How can I offer hope at such a time?  

Is it possible for babies to be born in Heaven?

Question from a reader:

Though there is no marriage between man and woman in Heaven, is it possible for a woman to be overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, as Mary was, and give birth in Heaven? I think of all the women here on Earth who are unable to conceive, and I love babies so much that I can’t image a Heaven where there aren’t newborns.

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