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Resources: Marriage and Family

How should a wife respond if she wants to give more than her husband?

How should a wife respond if she wants to give more than her husband?

I think showing him the depth of her conviction through her own giving is part of that example.

A Father’s Prayer for His Daughter

A Father's Prayer for His Daughter

Written by Randy Alcorn, April 3, 1979, the day of his daughter's birth.

Would the Bible disapprove of me, as a wife, being the primary breadwinner for my family?

Would the Bible disapprove of me, as a wife, being the primary breadwinner for my family?

Marriage is an interdependent relationship in which a wife is dependent on her husband and he is dependent on his wife.

Before I Give You Away: A Parent’s Thoughts on Marriage

Of all the strengths you bring into a marriage, none is more valuable than your character. That may not sound as exotic as romance, wit, or charm, but character is the beam that holds the structure together.

Are we in adultery in view of Matthew 19 to marry again after divorce?

The key to your question is understanding the meaning of "commits adultery" in Matthew 19:9.

Educating tomorrow’s church—whose job is it?

Parent and teenWHAT IS EDUCATION?

LEARNING: The process by which every person acquires a certain body of knowledge, and a corresponding set of personal values, attitudes, behavior, and skills.

STUDENT: A person with a highly impressionable mind, significantly affected by the knowledge, values, attitudes, and behaviors of others, especially by those in positions of authority.

Myth of Adolescence

The trained elephant of India is a perfect picture of the power of psychological captivity. Tamed and utilized for its enormous strength, the great beast stands nearly 10 feet tall and weighs up to 5 tons when fully grown. Its tasks may include uprooting full-grown trees, hauling great boulders, and carrying enormous loads on its shoulders. And yet, when the day’s work is done and this powerful beast must be kept from wandering off during the night, its owner simply takes a piece of twine, attaches it to a small branch embedded in the ground, and ties it around ...

Waiting to Get Married?

“Should we get married?” Few questions deserve more careful attention. When dreamy-eyed recklessness yanks people into marriage, the end is often conflict, disillusionment, separation, and divorce, or at best, a second-rate marriage.

Fences Bring Freedom: How Boundaries Can Liberate Us

We live in the same house that we did when our daughters were small. Now they're grown and we have four grandsons. All those years our daughters were growing up, we never built a fence in our yard. There was no need.

My first shower nearly killed me

When I find myself thinking that this current challenge is going to kill me, I just remember that I thought the same thing about my first shower.

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