Resources: Marriage and Family

Before I Give You Away: A Parent's Thoughts on Marriage

By William L. Coleman | January 27, 2010
Of all the strengths you bring into a marriage, none is more valuable than your character. That may not sound as exotic as romance, wit, or charm, but character is the beam that holds the structure together.

Myth of Adolescence

By Alex Harris | September 1, 2007
We view life through an extra social category called ‘adolescence’, a category that would have been completely foreign to men and women just 100 years ago.

Waiting to Get Married?

By Randy Alcorn | March 1, 2007
“Should we get married?” Few questions deserve more careful attention. When dreamy-eyed recklessness yanks people into marriage, the end is often conflict, disillusionment, separation, and divorce, or at best, a second-rate marriage.

Fences Bring Freedom: How Boundaries Can Liberate Us

By Randy Alcorn | January 21, 2007
We live in the same house that we did when our daughters were small. Now they're grown and we have four grandsons. All those years our daughters were growing up, we never built a fence in our yard. There was no need.

My first shower nearly killed me

By Brett Harris | May 2, 2006
When I find myself thinking that this current challenge is going to kill me, I just remember that I thought the same thing about my first shower.