Resources: Money and Giving

Prosperity Theology

By Randy Alcorn | March 25, 2010
Prosperity theology teaches that God will bless with material abundance and good health those who obey him and lay claim to his promises. “We don’t have to wait for God’s blessing in the life to come,” it promises. “He’ll send it to us here and now.”

How much should I give while living off of student loan money?

By Dr. Dale Walker | March 22, 2010
I am about to start medical school and I will not have a job or any earned income for the next four years. I want to give, but I don’t know how much I can give or how much it would be wise for me to give since I will be living off of student loan money. 

How do we teach our children about money?

By Randy Alcorn, Linda Jeffries | March 19, 2010
I am leading a class of young families at my church and we are presently talking about how to teach your children about money. What are your answers to the following questions?