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Resources: Money and Giving

Randy Alcorn discusses biblical stewardship with Biola University student newspaper

Randy Alcorn shares his personal experience in discovering the joy of honoring God with one's possessions through an interview with The Chimes, Biola University's student newspaper. 

Randy Alcorn on Coral Ridge (video)

In this five and a half minute video, Randy talks about the topic of money and the economy on the Coral Ridge hour.

Randy Alcorn Talking About His Book Managing God’s Money (audio)

In a recent radio interview, Randy was asked about his forthcoming book (now available), Managing God's Money.

Randy’s Story of Giving (video)

Randy's shares his story at the Seed Company Invitational 2007.

Red Flags with Ministry Fundraising (audio)

Randy talks about some red flags to watch for with ministry fundraising, speaking to a group of CEO's (both secular and Christian).

Resources for Randy’s messages at BIOLA University

Resources related to Randy's Financial Stewardship chapel series at Biola University.

Resources for Teaching Middle School and High School Students about Money

Resources for Teaching Middle School Students about Money (from www.threerules.org):

Handouts (PDF)

Study Guide (PDF)

High school small group curriculum titled “What’s God Got to Do with It?” (from www.threerules.org):

Handouts (PDF)

Study Guide (PDF)

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