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Resources: Money and Giving

Resources for Randy’s messages at BIOLA University

Resources related to Randy's Financial Stewardship chapel series at Biola University.

Resources for Teaching Middle School and High School Students about Money

Resources for Teaching Middle School Students about Money (from www.threerules.org):

Handouts (PDF)

Study Guide (PDF)

High school small group curriculum titled “What’s God Got to Do with It?” (from www.threerules.org):

Handouts (PDF)

Study Guide (PDF)

Rich Kids vs. Children Facing Challenges

I’m convinced that it’s very dangerous to give large amounts of money to kids who haven’t earned it.

Scriptural Principles for Giving

These key scripture verses on financial stewardship are arranged according to the six principles found in Randy Alcorn’s book The Treasure Principle: Discovering the Secret of Joyful Giving. They were arranged and posted by the Mission Increase Foundation as guiding principles for donors to their organization.

Scriptures To Consider In Preparing For The Future

Scripture to consider in preparing for the future, compiled by Randy Alcorn.

Should business owners tithe on the gross income or the net income?

Tithing is done on profit—what you have truly made, how much you’ve actually come out ahead. That wouldn’t include all gross business income, since much, usually most, of that must pay for the business goods, employees, etc., which are providing the services making the money in the first place.

Should church leaders be informed of individual’s giving records?

This is a very hard question that many in and out of church leadership ask. Although there is no explicit biblical position, I believe it is implicit because of at least two New Testament passages. Certainly it's not a precept, and there are Old Testament examples where people did know what other people gave and there was encouragement to follow the sacrificial giving of leaders. On the other hand, there are principles that suggest confidentiality is the wisest course of action.

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