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Resources: Money and Giving

Should I get out of debt first before I give beyond my tithe?

While getting out of debt is a high biblical priority it is as much a wisdom issue as a righteousness one, and requires discernment and good strategy not just a single act of obedience.

Should I tithe on gifts and even scholarship money I receive?

I would tithe on gifts and scholarships because they are true income.

Should I tithe or pay off my debt first? (video)

Ask yourself “Why am I in debt in the first place?” Is God responsible for my unwise or greedy decisions that may have put me there? And even if I’ve come into debt legitimately, isn’t my first debt to God?

Should the local church receive peoples’ tithes before other worthy needs?

To say that churches should receive the firstfruits does NOT mean they should keep them. They should set the example for their people by giving more to missions and the poor than they keep.

Should we tithe on the gross or the net?

When asked “should we tithe on the gross or the net?” it’s appropriate to ask “What do we want to be blessed on, the gross or the net?”

Shouldn’t a person give not just 10%, but as much or as little as the Lord calls them to give?

My stated belief on the tithe is that it is the training wheels of giving, merely a beginning point. As to whether it applies to Christians, the question is whether New Testament grace lowers the standards of giving or raises it.

Resources for Teaching Middle School and High School Students about Money

Resources for Teaching Middle School Students about Money (from www.threerules.org):

Handouts (PDF)

Study Guide (PDF)

High school small group curriculum titled “What’s God Got to Do with It?” (from www.threerules.org):

Handouts (PDF)

Study Guide (PDF)

Scriptures To Consider In Preparing For The Future

Scripture to consider in preparing for the future, compiled by Randy Alcorn.

Can Money, Possessions and Eternity be used as the basis for a college course?

This letter from a reader demonstrates how God can use Money, Possessions and Eternity to teach college students about money and giving.

Money, Possessions & Eternity

I came across your book, Money Possessions & Eternity about three years ago and have read it cover to cover twice, each time learning and applying it to my life. I have also read The Treasure Principle and have facilitated two small group studies on the book.

My stepdaughter recently graduated from a small private Christian college. She always thought I was nuts when I talked about how money is nothing more than a test here on earth and ...

Can we really earn eternal rewards?

I did use the word “earn” in a few places in my books Money, Possessions and Eternity and In Light of Eternity. But in its context in both books I used “earn” in the sense of a Christ-empowered obedience resulting in God graciously granting us the rewards he promises.

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