Resources: Persecuted Church

One Family Responds to Safely Home

By A Family in Mesa, Arizona | December 1, 2001
When the night ended, they had enough money in hand to provide over 4,100 Bibles to the people of China.

The State of Christianity in China

By Melanie Dobson | May 25, 2001
China is a paradox in that some churches are able to worship freely while other church leaders are being arrested, persecuted and jailed.

The Bible League in China

By Randy Alcorn | March 1, 2000
In 1900, during the Boxer Uprising, over 230 western missionaries and 32,000 Chinese Christians were killed.

Caste the First Stone

By Greg Dabel | March 8, 1997
Life in the lower castes: Persecution of Christians in India, a pastor notes, has become common.

Martyrdom or Genocide?

By Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity Bulletin | September 1, 1996
The following article tells of the latest Somali Christian to die for his faith. The aim of his killers appears to be to eliminate all Somali believers if possible.