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Resources: Prolife

Do babies conceived by mothers on the Pill have weaknesses or abnormalities?

Pregnancies conceived while on the pill or shortly after stopping the pill have an increased risk of miscarriage.  The question seems to be: What is the teratogenic (ability of a substance to cause a defect in a baby) potential of birth control pills? 

What do you think is the biggest obstacle for Christians to overcome in facing the abortion issue?

We struggle to dispel the illusion that grace means that we should not talk about the hard issues. Our doctrine of grace has been distorted by the culture’s dogma of tolerance

Q&A: Supporting Pregnancy Resource Centers

Pregnancy resource centers have the tremendous opportunity to both meet practical needs, and share the Gospel. It is the kind of ministry I believe God is calling many to get involved in.

What is the most impactful thing a Christian can do to break the cycle of abortion?

First, make yourself aware of the need that unplanned pregnancy and abortion creates. When you give your time to learn about abortion, abstinence, adoption, and caring for needy women, you can pray for divine appointments where God can use you to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Randy Alcorn on the Sanctity of Human Life 2012

Randy Alcorn presents a message from Scripture—and from the heart—about the value of human life and injustice of abortion. Filmed January 15, 2012 at Good Shepherd Community Church in Boring, Oregon.

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