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What are the languages of the beast and the warrior of light in The Chasm?

By Randy Alcorn | April 6, 2011
In The Chasm, the beast and the warrior of light both cry out in strange languages. The beast screams, “Baal jezeb ashnar mordol nuhl—keez gimbus molech nar­gul dazg!” The warrior of light cries, “Elyon miriel o aeron galad—chara domina beth charis o aleathes celebron!”  What are the languages, and what do the words mean?

Did Pilgrim's Progress impact your writing of The Chasm?

By Randy Alcorn | April 13, 2011
Some comparison between Pilgrim’s Progress and The Chasm is valid, but I'm sure the total sales for my book will fall woefully short! However, unlike Pilgrim’s Progress, The Chasm is not a strict allegory, in that not everything represents something else. It's more of an otherworldly retelling of the gospel story, with references back to the character's life on earth.

What encouraged you to include illustrations in The Chasm? What did you hope to gain from them?

By Randy Alcorn | April 13, 2011
I really felt that The Chasm could be enhanced with the illustrations. I searched around for different potential illustrators and finally found Mike Biegel. It was the right fit. I wanted that contemporary feel that is sort of a graphic-novel-sketch approach. I think Mike nailed what I was looking for and it definitely enhances the book. The illustrations allow you to grasp the heavy imagery in The Chasm. It amazed me how much work Mike was willing to put into them. I'd recommend him as an artist any day!

What inspired you to write The Chasm?

By Randy Alcorn | April 13, 2011
While The Chasm is unique, those who have read Edge of Eternity will see that I extracted and then rewrote as a standalone some chapters in the middle of that earlier novel. Since I first wrote Edge of Eternity in 1999, I’ve wanted to do this. I believe God can use it as an imaginative way of conveying the gospel to people who need to envision the old story in a fresh way.