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If God Is Good: Interview with the Christian Leadership Alliance

Randy Alcorn’s answers to questions for the May 28, 2009 Christian Leadership Alliance webinar.

True Riches: Discovering The Treasure Principle

An Interview with Randy Alcorn by Craig von Buseck, CBN.com Ministries Director

Endorsements and Book Reviews of Deception


Meet Homicide Detective Ollie Chandler and his bullmastiff mutt, Mike Hammer, otherwise known as Mulch. Chandler, a thirty year police officer in Portland, Oregon, keeps people at bay with cynicism, sarcasm, spiritual skepticism and simmering humor. Even his daughter can’t get close to him.  After the death of his wife, who was also his best friend, Chandler is mad at the world and everyone in it. But, mostly, he’s mad at God. Plenty of long hours, hard work and hard drinking are the only things that keep his sanity in check.

However, that tenuous thread of sanity is challenged when Police Chief Lennox makes a political agreement with the Oregon Tribune to assign reporter Clarence Abernathy to the next homicide investigation. It doesn’t matter that Abernathy is Chandler’s only remaining friend—Abernathy is a journalist and Chandler’s a cop—that’s like mixing oil and water.

What do you want your readers to take away from If God Is Good?

If God Is Good ...

In If God Is Good, I appeal to unbelievers and believers alike to consider these questions: Why is there so much good in the world? Why do the great majority of suffering people want to go on living nonetheless? Is evil and suffering just bad luck, or is there a rational explanation for it? Is there a redemptive purpose for it? Can we as hurting people, and as those trying to help hurting people, find perspectives that recognize the full force of evil and suffering, yet offer hope? I suggest the answer is yes.

Endorsements and Book Reviews of If God Is Good

If God Is Good  ...

The next generation is fortunate to stand on the shoulders of men like Randy Alcorn, who addresses life's biggest questions with biblical wisdom and a pastor's heart. Firmly grounded on the rock of Scripture, If God is Good provides young and old with a solid place to stand amidst life's bgiggest storms. Future generations will count us blessed to have read this book hot off the press. —Brett & Alex Harris

Safely Home: Chapter 1

Three men watched intently as peculiar events occurred, one right after the other, on opposite sides of the globe.

"What's happening?" asked the first, tall and dark skinned.

If God Is Good: Chapter Summaries

Chapter Summary Excerpts from

If God Is Good…

by Randy Alcorn


Understanding the Problem of Evil and Suffering

Chapter One: Why is the Problem of Evil and Suffering So Important?

More people point to the problem of evil and suffering as their reason for not believing in God than any other—it is not merely a problem, it is the problem. You will not get far in a conversation with someone who rejects the Christian faith before the problem of evil is raised. Pulled out like the ultimate trump card, it’s supposed to silence believers and prove ...

The Grace and Truth Paradox: Responding with Christlike Balance (Christian Book Summaries)


  • Establish grace and truth as the essential building blocks of Christian spirituality
  • Point out the difficulties of manifesting both qualities simultaneously
  • Deepen our understanding of the relationship between these two virtues
  • Demonstrate the power of grace and truth working in tandem


Grace and truth found their perfect union in Christ, but the rest of us tend to gravitate toward one or the other. Truth without grace breeds self-righteousness and legalism. Grace without truth breeds deception and moral compromise. The key to true Christian spirituality is to integrate these two qualities into life ...

Lord Foulgrin’s Letters: Afterword

Originally I intended the following to be the Introduction to Lord Foulgrin's Letters. Later I decided to shift it to the back of the book, realizing some readers would want to dive straight into the story without explanation.

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