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Readers’ Responses to Help For Women Under Stress

Readers' Responses to Help For Women Under Stress

I finished Help for Women Under Stress in 3 sittings/readings. It was encouraging, affirming, and challenging. Your book deals with wisdom issues related to life schedules in such a gentle way. It allows the Holy Spirit to do the work but gives very practical information to immediately try. As it doesn't go into depth on any one issue, it gives a good taste of what to get into and enough to really give things a try! I will recommend it to anyone and everyone I can. —A.G.

Why didn’t you convert the detective at the end of Deception?

Mainly because I didn't want it to be predictable. I've had people come to faith in my books, some do, some don't, as in real life. I left Ollie unconverted but asking questions. Who knows what will happen in future novels (I don't), but conversion isn't necessary for a story to work and raise questions. I wanted unbelieving readers to feel, "Ollie, open your eyes!" Then say, "oh, maybe I should open MY eyes."


Discussion and Study Questions for Randy’s Books

Discussion and Study Questions for Randy's Books

There are discussion and study questions available for many of Randy's books. Check out all the links and downloads below!

What makes your book We Shall See God unique?

Randy Alcorn talks about We Shall See God, in which he has compiled the most profound spiritual insights on the topic of eternity from Charles Spurgeon's sermons and arranged them into an easily-accessible, highly inspirational format complete with his own comments and devotional thoughts.

Introduction to studying Heaven from Randy

Randy shares about using available study materials as companions for study of his book, Heaven. This clip could be used to introduce an upcoming class or as a welcome introduction to the Heaven study.

Endorsements and Book Reviews of Eternal Perspectives

This is the “ultimate resource” on Heaven outside the Bible. I think it would be especially useful for pastors and writers. However, it’s also a fun book to read whether you select topics of interest or read from cover-to-cover. This quote from J.C. Ryle summarizes it well.

“Before we go to our eternal home we should try to become acquainted with it.” As always, with this author, his book is a 12+ on a scale of 1-10. 

Gail Welborn, as posted on Examiner.com and Goodreads

Managing God’s Money: Study Guide

Managing God's Money: Study Guide

Discussion questions for Randy's book Managing God's Money. Great for group or individual use. Printable PDF available.

Was the scene of the demon-possessed Buddhist monk in Safely Home inspired by a true story?

Question from a reader:

I recently hosted a book club for Safely Home. Most people really enjoyed it, and it seemed to give everyone a lot of food for thought on Heaven. But the one complaint I heard several times was the part about the Buddhist monk who appears to be demon possessed. People said they felt it was too forced and bizarre. Can you give any insight as to where that scene comes from? Randy, did you know of a particular event like this?

Endorsements and Book Reviews of Prolife Answers to Prochoice Questions

"This book should be the desktop reference for every pastor, politician, and layman who needs the best researched answer for any question pertaining to the prolife issue. There's nothing better out there." 
- Gayle Atteberry, Executive Director, Oregon Right to Life 

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