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Resources: Salvation

Good News: God Forgives

The forgiveness of God is a prominent theme throughout Scripture, one that should invoke from us expressions of wonder and praise. Here is a passage from the Old Testament. There are countless others throughout the Bible.

Do Muslims believe in Christ, and will they be saved as a result?

The issue seems to be what Muslims believe about Jesus Christ. My question would be: "What does your sister-in-law not believe about Jesus that keeps her from becoming a Christian?

Will we be reunited with children who have died too young to believe in Christ?

Scripture opens the door to the answer to this question through its teaching that God has a special love for children.

Who will be in heaven?

While there may be others we don't know of who God has created or will create in the future, we know the following will be in heaven...

Why can one only be saved if he is obedient? Is this not works salvation?

The only obedience that is necessary for salvation is yielding to the requirements of the gospel (John 3:16, Acts 16:30,31). 

Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Hear: God’s Offer of Salvation

A few days ago a friend asked me to meet with her non-Christian family and share the gospel with them.

Road To Belief

I wanted to thank you for taking this afternoon time out of your busy schedule so we could meet.

Sexual Abuse Can be an Obstacle to Salvation

Becoming a Christian makes a person clean. However, if the dirtiness that a person feels is not a result of her actions then it is hard to really feel like you’ve been forgiven.

Sin, Blame & Forgiveness

There is little we can do about the sins others do to us, other than forgive them. There is much we can do about our sins against God and others—confess and repent and embrace the forgiveness of God and call on his power to live differently.

Could Jesus have failed in His mission to redeem us?

An orthodox understanding of the deity of Christ compels us to say he could not have failed in his mission. Indeed, if he could have failed, he is not all powerful and therefore he was not and is not God.

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