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Resources: Sexual Purity

In Condoms We Trust


This article originally appeared in the January-February issue of Eternal Perspectives, EPM's quarterly newsletter.

A recent “Primetime Live” program covered public schools whose health clinics are now surgically inserting Norplant beneath the skin of teenage girls. The practice is controversial not only because Norplant is a five year birth control device, but because it is being implanted without the permission of parents. (Yes, parents. Remember us?)

One of those interviewed was a junior high school principal, who defended the distribution of Norplant without parental permission. Her most memorable statement was, “morality is one thing, reality is another.” An interesting ...

Do We Celebrate Diversity?

I submitted the following opinion piece to the Gresham Outlook in August of 1993. It wasn’t printed (no excerpts either). Because it reflects trends not just in my area but around the country, I’m including it here.

Gay Rights As Seen by Some Homosexuals

In a special section of New Republic magazine. Andrew Sullivan and other gay writers called for an abandonment of the civil-rights approach. Sullivan faulted the civil-rights approach. Sullivan faulted the civil-rights strategy because it is based on two faulty assumptions: “that sexuality is equivalent to race in terms of discrimination, and that full equality of homosexuals can be accomplished by designating gay people as victims.”

Sullivan, the gay, white male, is as quick to point out the differences between race and sexual orientation as is James, the straight, black female. “Unlike blacks three decades ago,” writes Sullivan, “gay men and ...

Immorality & Cultural Decline

This article originally appeared in the February-March issue of Eternal Perspectives, EPM's quarterly newsletter.

The twentieth century is not the first to see society riddled with immorality. The ancient Greeks elevated loose women, homosexual relations, and pedophilia. The Romans gradually surrendered the strong families and morals that once made them great, replacing them with laxity and weakness. The often-made comparisons between the final years of Rome and modern day America are striking—self-indulgence, political corruption, adultery, homosexuality, sexual orgies, live sex acts in the theater, brutal sports in the arena, and a creeping family deterioration and moral laziness that ...

Sexual Disorientation: Faulty Research In The Homosexual Debate

The following excerpts are from a carefully documented eight page Family Research Council paper by Robert Knight, entitled “Sexual Disorientation.

WARNING! Epidemic in the Church

Ask the enlightened American what he thinks of Christian sexual morality. To him, it’s a fossil—an antique that went out with washboards and penny candy. Who believes any more what the Bible says about sex?

Homosexual Movement Updates

In my book Christians in the Wake of the Sexual Revolution, published in 1985, I have a chapter entitled The Homosexual Movement. Heres just a partial portrait of the homosexual community:

In gay baths men meet and copulate with total strangers and often have sex with multiple partners. Government official Dan Bradley described his first visit to a gay bath: I must have had sex with ten different guys that first night. I was like a kid in a candy store. The baths allow sexual relations in front of others or in private cubicles, often without even the exchange ...

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