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Resources: Suffering and Evil

Can we trust books that talk about demons and state exact words they actually say?

Question from a reader:

I’ve read books that talk a lot about demons, and what they say. Can we trust what they say?

Answer from Randy Alcorn:

I have read books by Christians who offer insights on demons that go way beyond Scripture. Usually this is based on personal experiences. Some have gotten a good deal of “information” from being present at exorcisms.

One of the things that is most remarkable—and I believe that years ago I read statements from Neil Anderson to this effect—is when a Christian writer argues that something is true of demons or ...

Lord Foulgrin’s Letters: Randy’s Comments

Lord Foulgrin’s Letters is designed to help you, the reader, know God, know yourself, and know your enemy.

Quotes Regarding Spiritual Warfare

Most people show by their priorities and their casual approach to spiritual things that they believe we are in peacetime, not wartime.

What advice would you give to people who are suffering and ask why they should desire Heaven when they feel they’re going through hell right now?

ReflectingThis world is the closest thing to heaven unbelievers will ever experience, and the closest thing to hell believers will ever know. The promise of Heaven, where there will be no more pain and sorrow and God will wipe away the tears from every eye (Revelation 21:4), should be a great encouragement to all Christians

Lord Foulgrin’s Letters: A Sample


If Jordan Fletcher wasn’t happy, it was only because he needed something else-someone else or someplace else. All his life, happiness had been just one step around the corner. He’d spent his life chasing around that next corner...and the next and the next and the next.

Jordan never realized that all the time he’d been hunting happiness, someone had been hunting him.

Chapter 1

Shirtless, Jordan Fletcher kicked back on the lounge chair on the sunny deck of his new house at SunRiver, basking in the high desert beauty of Central Oregon. He’d always ...

A Righteous Angel Writes to His Commander about the Man He’s Assigned to

Diane’s conversion took my breath away. Only Elyon’s Spirit can pierce the hard shell of their hearts. When she accepted His gift and asked His forgiveness, Elshar and I embraced.

What’s the Hurry with Evangelism?

Lord Foulgrin's LettersThey drove wordlessly to the retirement center to see Diane’s mother. Diane had asked Jordan to come. He said yes, hating that he hadn’t seen his mother-in-law for nearly a year, and hating that he didn’t want to see her now.

When he walked in the door, Jordan barely recognized her. But he noticed her eyes light up the moment she saw him.

“Hello, Jordan.”

“Hi, Mom.”

She gave him a surprised smile. “I hardly remembered what you look like, Jordan. I know you’ve been busy.”

“Yeah. Too busy sometimes.”

“Here, Mom, let me prop up ...

A letter written by Randy to a friend who was struggling with suicidal thoughts

These are some passages to study, meditate on and memorize. Some of these aren’t new to you, but they have a cumulative force as they touch different aspects of our struggles and God’s counsel to us.

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